Do’s and Don’ts for School Volunteering

by chaoschronicles on September 4, 2009

This week, I went to the first PTA meeting at my son’s new high school. I had no idea how many cookies were consumed at the high school level. The PTA was seeking cookies for just about every event: Back to School night; Homecoming; Alumni Weekend; the traditional Bake Sales. And, it was clear, these were to be home-made cookies, nothing store bought for this PTA. Immediately, I saw half my volunteer options evaporate because as you know, I am a bad baker. Please see the photographic evidence to your left. These are supposed to be chocolate chip cookies, not chocolate chip blobs. I was beginning to think that there was no place for me in this new PTA, but then, late into the meeting, one of the moms stood up and said the words, “We need kabobs!”

Yes! Kabobs, I can make. And did, last year for the 5th grade Greek Fest to grand reviews. Now, I can recreate my kabobs at the high school level. Everybody needs to find their niche in high school and I have found mine: Kabobland.

For more on school volunteering, read my column at about Do’s and Don’ts for School Volunteers. I posted it on Facebook and have gotten lots of great comments, suggestions, and requests to reproduce. So I thought I’d link to it here. If you’d like to reproduce it for your school newsletter or website, please feel free. Just give a credit to , as they have been very supportive of my writing and the Chaos Chronicles.

Thanks all. Have a great holiday weekend.

Embracing my Chaos, Lian


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