Random Thoughts on the Olympics

by Lian on February 13, 2010

It's ok, Canada. Things will get better!

It's ok, Canada. Things will get better!

Back before I was a wife or mother, I wanted to be Jim McKay. Or maybe because of Jim McKay, I fell in love with the Olympics. I’ve been an avid Olympic watcher since  Janet Lynn hit the ice in 1972 and some of my favorite TV memories are Olympic -related.  Like sitting in Alicia Lacovara’s living room watching the the US Hockey team defeating the Russians on my 15th birthday. I’ve attended memorable Games (Lake Placid) and worked at others (Barcelona).  I spent time producing sports videos, have had my own subscription to SI since college and once dated a professional snowboarder. And, I know how to operate my DVR and satellite TV system to the fullest, all qualifying me for Expert Commentary on Vancouver 2010.

Over at the Satellite Sisters blog, I’ll be writing daily Random Thoughts. I started this new tradition in Beijing– and it was such fun, I am committing to it again. Join me! It’s like we’re all having a simultaneous Olympic Experience on our own couches. The athletes, the commentators, the commercials, the snacks– everything is included in my Random Thoughts on the Vancouver Olympics 2010.

For my thoughts on the Opening Ceremonies, click here. And, please, compile your own Random Thoughts and join me as we watch the Olympics together.

Embracing my Chaos, Lian


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Christine February 14, 2010 at 7:53 AM

fun reading the ss blog..nothing new to add, but enjoyed your random thoughts which I have many the same..did love the big bear, ice totems and snowfall ..cool show for budget, but the fiddlers channeling river dance kind of lost me.. kilts?? I am not sure how it all fits.. so excited about the US medals so far… realize I am marking my age by each olympics but love all of them.. inspiring me to be better in tougher areas of my life.. call to a higer standard of effort..happy valentine’s day!

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