Get Up and Get Going

by Lian on February 16, 2010

Like many of you, I had a whirlwind 3 -day weekend, in between holidays, sick kids, work deadlines, volunteer commitments, and Olympic watching. I am only catching my breath now before I am off again. But I managed a couple of outings this weekend that got me thinking about how easy it is to say, “No.”

And how important it is to say, “Yes.”

In a classic Southern California double, I took the kids to the beach on Sunday ( 80 and sunny in Santa Monica!) and skiing on Monday ( 45 and perfect Spring skiing conditions at Mt. Baldy, the Ski Area That Time Forgot.) In both cases, I woke up in the morning, wanting to bail.  It was just me and the kids, as my husband working on a big project.  The Packing Up, the Schlepping, the Traffic, and oy, the Parking– all would have been great reasons to stay home and spend those same hours doing laundry or organizing my office.  Or working, like my husband who spent the weekend at the office. But I thought about my mom’s adage, “Just get up and get going and you’ll feel better.”

Mom is always right. We had a great Valentine’s Day at the beach with my parents. The boys tossed the football around, went swimming without wetsuits and relaxed on beach blankets, eating Nan-provided snacks. Even the car ride– yes, made longer by heinous traffic– was fun, as my older son played DJ and we all sang along.  On Monday morning, I was tempted to call off the ski trip, but I  had made a promise and love that my boys love skiing, so I loaded up the car at 6 AM and up we drove. Plus, with all the skiing on TV, how could I not want to foster that spirit of adventure and commitment? I am so glad we went. It was a perfect day . Even the hot, sweaty car ride home ( It was 85 at the base of the mountain in Claremont!) was a hoot.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about being a parent, it’s that making an effort for an outdoor adventure is almost always rewarded with great memories. I’ve regretted trips to crowded amusement parks or over-priced kiddie restaurants, but never a day at the beach. Or a day on the slopes. Or in the mountains. Even a day at the park riding bikes beats a day at home sorting socks.

Get Up and Get Going works  as a motivator in all kinds of situations: sick days; the Monday morning blues; early morning conference calls. But never have I appreciated it as much as this weekend, even as I look at the pile of ski clothes that need to go back in storage in the attic!I got up and got going. And, I’m glad I did .

Embracing my Chaos, Lian

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zephyr February 17, 2010 at 5:46 PM

Darn good advice…both of those gems from your mom!! Now I just need to remember them when my brain turns to sludge.

Jan in Ventura February 17, 2010 at 3:37 PM

Oh, if it wasn’t for a mother who said, “Just get up and get going and you’ll feel better” where would I be?

Lian February 17, 2010 at 9:27 AM

Way to go, Jennie!!

First Things First combined with Get Up and Get Going is a can’t be beat motivator.


Jennie February 17, 2010 at 9:00 AM

Hey — I tend to get totally paralyzed and ADD when I have to get ready to go out of town. Yesterday was one such day – despite having the whole day to pack and get ready, I found myself watching the Olympics and stalling. How did I deal with this? I channeled your advice “first things first” and got up and started packing! Thanks, Lian – the day’s to do list was accomplished without stress!

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