Chaos Chronicles Podcast 227 is Up! And a Bonus To Do List!

by Lian on April 15, 2010

Chaos Chronicles  Podcast 227 is up! And look-ee here, a combination To Do List and Show Notes!

Record Podcast with Kate & Allie, er, Sheila & Lian.  Sheila’s been my roomie for the last week. hear all about it on the show and then tune in next week for a special Chaos chronicles with Sheila Dolan. In the meantime, check out some posts at about our time together!

Try to remember the name of my prom date. Doug? Don? I’ll work on that while you decide if proms on a school night are a good thing. Or a cruel, cruel trick on American teens. Read here about one high school principal who thinks Proms on a Wednesday night are fine. And make sure you get to school by 7:34 on Thursday morning or lose the privilege to walk at graduation. Have a good time kids.

Continue to Maximize Luminosity You know how I feel about luminosity. So easy to maximize, according to the editors at O Magazine. Read their list of Ten Beauty Secrets. I’m off to dilate my blood vessels.

Think before reacting. Lots of fingers are pointing at the Tennessee mom who put her adoptive son back on a plane to Russia. those not rushing to  judgment? Fellow parents who’ve faced similar issues. Read this story here for more thought-provoking comments.

Pack my bags.  You’ll find out  why on the To Do List!

What’s on your To Do List?

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Mombloggers and Marketers! My recap of  a great panel discussion on how to use social media to reach moms.

From My Bad. My genetic Bad. An apology to my sons for all the things they inherited from me. Like the need for orthodontia.

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Embracing my Chaos! Lian



Paula April 26, 2010 at 2:50 PM

Loved the podcast. I’m not sure what to think of the whole prom thing. I agree with you that “PROM” has gotten way too overblown, especially the after-the-prom part. I’m not totally sure if I agree with everything the principal is doing as to punishments, I do see where he’s coming from, especially after what happened at his school’s prom previously. That sort of thing reflects very badly on the school. And, in some cases, some parents may end up blaming the school for what their children end up doing on prom night – even if it happens after the prom. I guess they do need to cover themselves. And if the parents aren’t going to do what they can to rein in the kids on prom night, maybe it’s good that he’s doing what he is doing. I know some will say that if the kids are old enough to go to prom (especially seniors) then they should be old enough to do what they want after. But, I think if they are old enough to do what they want after, they should also be old enough to take some responsibility in how they behave.

Christine P April 16, 2010 at 7:54 PM

The most important items on my ‘to do list’ are to 1. live in the moment and 2. really, I mean really appreciate who I am and the people I share my life with. The rest of my list doesn’t mean much if I can’t get past 1 & 2.
Missed you Lian, welcome back :)
Interesting perspective on the whole Prom Night issue…not there for another 7 years but too bad a few have to ruin it for the majority. What’s getting ridiculous is the ‘graduation from preschool’, ‘graduation from kindergarten’, ‘graduation from grade six’ (thats how we say it here in Canada). I mean, come on, it’s a wee bit ludicrous, no?

chpdlivr April 16, 2010 at 1:12 PM

Listened to the podcast in the car with my DH as we did a little road trip. When you gave the tease about the to-do list he asked “is it something fun or just scrub the toilet kinda list?” We both enjoyed the whole pod cast and being adoptive parents, we agree with your comment about Glass Houses.
Can’t wait to hear Shelia and stories from Vegas.
Thank, Lian!

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