Random Thoughts from Las Vegas

by Lian on April 21, 2010

Good morning from Las Vegas! Up bright and early and working on my husband’s archaic laptop! I would cut and paste my new Oprah column here, but I can’t figure out how on this relic. So, look to the link to the right and enjoy my version of The Teen Commandments! Share with friends…

In the meantime, I am enjoying my mini-vacation at The Encore. My husband is in meetings and group discussion all day, but not me! I’m in Vegas, baby. So now, some Random Thoughts from my first 20 hours in Vegas. ..

You lose all sense of proportion when the minute you turn onto the Strip. Compared to The Bellagio, our  2,500 room hotel seems quaint.

You also lose all sense of fiduciary responsibility. Nuff said,but I am enjoying my new perfume.

Spending the afternoon at the pool is a lesson is tattoos. I gotta give it up for those young women who choose to ink their thighs and obliques, confident that their bodies will never lose tautness. Good luck with that, girls.

No, I did not go European at the European pool.

Loving the low-heeled  comfort, but cute, sandals I bought for schlepping the miles in between events.  The women in heels were dying last night.

My husband and I enjoy clubbing once every two years. Last night was our night. We were, of course, the oldest people in the club. And the first people in the club! No cover!

Maybe you didn’t know, but last night at the nightclub Blush, made famous by Tiger, it was “Half-Way to Halloween Night.” Hmm– you do the math, is April 20th half-way to Halloween? Well, all those young women in pirate wench outfits didn’t care about the math!

I did not have a fruity drink yesterday…but I am on the verge today.

Breakfast buffet, here I come.  

Embracing my chaos! Lian



KAOP April 22, 2010 at 4:02 AM

Loved the new podcast! Sheila, we’ve missed you!!

kbradcliffe April 22, 2010 at 1:58 AM

Never been to Vegas, but planning a little getaway. What a great place to people watch, I am sure!

Jennie April 21, 2010 at 8:45 AM

Hey! Just listened to the show with Sheila and cracked up when I realized that I, too, was confusing “Rachel Getting Married” with “Margot at the Wedding!”

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