Thanks, Steve.

by Lian on October 6, 2011

I was in my car yesterday afternoon, listening to the radio, when I heard the sober announcement that Steve Jobs had died. To my surprise, tears sprung to my eyes. Even knowing that the announcement would be coming sooner rather than later didn’t seem to diminish the sadness of the actual event.  My generation was lucky to have had Steve Jobs.

But I hadn’t counted on my emotional reaction; it’s not like I knew Steve Jobs. But he did seem to know us, didn’t he?

Like literally millions of people around the world, Steve made it possible for me to do what I do where I do it. This site, my podcast, my novel and hundreds of other endeavors were all created on one of Steve’s machines. I started my writing and producing career on an Apple at Nike over 20 years ago on a first generation digital editing system, cutting film, creating music and putting it all together. Over the next two decades,  I marveled at how the hardware got smaller and cheaper and the software got easier and friendlier. What used to take weeks of manpower, money and creative energy now takes minutes and a few simple steps.  With an Apple product, anyone can create anything  anywhere. Anyone.  Anything. Anywhere.


When the daily production of Satellite Sisters ended, I felt lost, still having something to say but no place to  say it. But with the help of Steve, my iMac, Garage Band and a good size closet, I found my voice.

Thanks, Steve.

I’m guessing that almost all of us have a “Thanks, Steve” note to write. Write it here or on a Post-It and slap it up on the window at your nearest Apple Store.

Embracing my Chaos,




Betsy Furler October 8, 2011 at 8:32 PM

Thanks Steve for my iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. I use them all every single day. I love them all! I help children with autism and other challenges learn to communicate and engage with others using Apple products. My Apple products make me happy and make my life and my patients’ lives richer. They just work!!!
RIP Steve.

We visited our local Apple store yesterday and put our post it note up on the window. There was a huge crowd taking photos and paying their respects. We have lost a true genius and visionary…

pat in o.c. October 8, 2011 at 6:10 AM

MSNBC columnist wrote a piece upon his passing, ‘Thanks Steve- What Steve Jobs Taught Us, It’s OK To Fail.’ He was a college dropout because it cost to much. I’m old enough to remember when Apple hit rough waters, & the founder was fired. Jobs had worldwide humiliation. Anyone remember NeXT? Failed. Jobs started over, again & again. Apple wanted him back years later.

That little thing he did after Apple gave him a pink slip…Pixar.

He bravely fought pancreatic cancer for years. A disease that normally ravages w/i months. I know the technology is what we largely remember him for, and rightly so, it changed the world. But, thanks for showing us it is ok to fail, as long as you get back up, & try again, & again.

CLSD OPEN October 7, 2011 at 8:25 PM

Dear Steve, My very favorite birthday and Mother’s Day gifts…for which I dropped very specific hints…are all the many Apple products my family has gotten for me over the past several years: my first iPod–the iPod Classic, my second iPod–the amazing iPod Touch, the even more amazing iPad, and the cute and tiny–but mighty amazing–little iPod Nano that I often wear as a wrist watch. Not to mention the MacBook Air that we got my husband for Christmas last year…and my phone upgrade that I let my husband use to get rid of his cumbersome BlackBerry and have the iPhone. My upgrade to the iPhone will happen on Feb 12th—so Steve, I am counting the months, as I await possession of your most amazing (IMHO) Apple product yet. Throughout all of these products, I have marveled at the genius you are and how amazing it must have been for your family, friends and staff to have you in their lives. I had so been pulling for your recovery, and really it doesn’t feel like you’ve left us. With all of your mind-boggling inventions among us now and in the decades to come, we’re lucky to have you with us everywhere we go. Through your inventions, I have been able to be an avid and loyal Satellite Sisters and Chaos Chronicles listener for many, many years now…and for this I thank you. And I thank Lian, for making it all happen with her Apple products and the excellent acoustics offered by a closet. Thanks for everything, Steve. We are all thinking of your family and of you, and we miss you already. Chris

Kristin October 7, 2011 at 6:19 AM

In reading the address he gave to a Stanford commencement that a coworker put in my mailbox yesterday, I was so very moved. Not only was he brilliant in his innovation, he was a true, genuine human being. Will be missed….

Sue in NJ October 6, 2011 at 1:13 PM

Amy’s letter was wonderful. I’m sure many of us who have similar feelings didn’t think to put a letter in the mail but I hope Steve Jobs knew how much he affected people’s lives and how well he planned each and every product Apple made. I knew I wanted a Macintosh right from the get-go. But I lived with the company-provided PC until my husband left and took the computer with him (after all, it did belong to his workplace). First thing we did, though, is go to the little Apple retailer in a neighboring town and purchase my “first” own computer, a Performa. It was small, elegant, and contained what now seems like a miniscule amount of memory and power. Yet I wrote a book on that little beauty and learned how to navigate the internet via agonizingly slow modem. I sat long into the middle of the night exploring places I couldn’t even imagine existed out there in the ether. That Apple inspired me and helped my computer skills grow — turns out that was pretty important since I ended up teaching computer for over 25 years. My heart and head have been loyal to Apple, as I transitioned to laptops an iPod, and an iPhone. It would be difficult to imagine living without these appendages (the recent hurricane and the week-long power outage did give me a glimpse of that life and I didn’t enjoy it at all!) Thank you Steve Jobs and the company you co-founded. Thank you for every new tool you have brought into my life. I wish Apple the best in its continued search for excellence. And I send my deepest sympathies to the Jobs family; surely their loss is the greatest one.

Lian October 6, 2011 at 12:00 PM

I’m so glad you actually sent him the letter.

Amy Alkon October 6, 2011 at 11:47 AM

I posted this on my blog this morning — it’s a letter I actually wrote and sent to Steve Jobs:

My Letter To Steve Jobs
I’m big on letting people know when they’ve made a difference in my life, and this is a letter to a guy who made a huge difference in my life and so many lives. I wrote it when I heard he was pretty sick, and dropped it in the mail to him at Apple.

22 June 2009

Dear Steve,
I understand you haven’t been well, and I thought it might make you feel better to get this long, long overdue letter.

I just wanted to tell you that there’s nothing in my life that’s changed and improved it as much as Apple computers. I got my first one with a student discount at the University of Michigan in…must have been 1982 or 1983, and I’ve had and loved them ever since.

Your computers have been so fun and easy to use, they made me love writing (as much as that’s actually possible), which helped me develop into the writer I am today — newspaper columnist, blogger, and author. I have a book coming out in the Fall — I See Rude People: One woman’s battle to beat some manners into impolite society. Wrote every word on my iBook G4 and the 20-inch iMac on which I’m writing this letter.

It gets better. I met my boyfriend because of the iPod. My friend Nando had one, and on December 12, 2003, I went into the Apple store at The Grove, in Los Angeles, and some tall, brainy-looking guy was standing at the display trying to decide which size to buy. He turned around, I flirted (told him I’d had a kernel panic, and he talked some impressive tech talk) and we’ve been together ever since. He’s also Elmore Leonard’s researcher, and the best person I know.

Thank you so, so much, for all you’ve built. You’ve changed so many lives besides mine in such major ways. I will continue to use your Apples in hopes of following in your footsteps.

–Amy Alkon

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