Chaos Chronicles 433 Podcast: Career Counseling; Women’s Health Quiz; Etiquette Questions

by Lian on October 21, 2011

The new Chaos Chronicles Podcast is up, chock full of information, entertainment and a touch of whining and moaning on my part. I hope you don’t mind. I try to put a positive spin on modern motherhood– but that doesn’t always work. Hahahaha. Hopefully, you’ll listen and provide advice to yours truly.

On the Chaos Chronicles Podcast this week:

Career Counseling: For me! What’s up with all those TV pitches Lian’s been doing, you ask yourself. Has she gone Hollywood? You’ll hear the outcome and (please) help me decide next steps. Feel free to comment below!

Writer with a Worse Week than me! How Lauren Myracle, author of “Shine”  was Un-nominated for the National Book Awards.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: We all know that, don’t we? One of the outgrowths of that campaign is that October has become a month to focus on women’s health issues. Take the Women’s Health Quiz from Parade Magazine along with me.

Etiquette Quandary: Thanksgiving is right around the corner( if you’re my mother). How can I stop the onslaught on Turkey Tchotchkes without hurting her feelings?

I’m off to Santa Monica to take my dad out to lunch. Bringing Roast Chicken,  Roasted Asparagus and Roasted Cranberry Sauce with me. It’s that kind of day here is Southern California- roasty!

Embracing my Chaos,


Featured Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Monster Cookies. Yum. Lady Gaga's favorite?


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mari (Bookworm with a View) October 24, 2011 at 12:37 PM

Does this sound horrible… this week’s podcast was great. I loved your honesty (let’s hope for a string of successes for a while now), Hollywood’s loss.

Ma Schmidt October 23, 2011 at 6:33 PM

OK, Lian — here are my thoughts:

a) it’s just ONE year — do you know how many times “Desperate Housewives” got rejected? for a refresher go read:
b) Helen of Pasadena shouldn’t be a sitcom — it is SOOOOO perfect to be the next feel-good Christmas blockbuster! Go for a movie!
c) how about an hour long DRAMA/dramedy for the Sat. Sisters? SOOOO many story lines and people to be wrapped up in – all centered around working together — like Parenthood with Sisters…
d) you are amazing! LA Times Best Seller list for many many many weeks! SCIBA doesn’t seem to be posting who won, but just go over there and look, again, at your name RIGHT UNDER TC BOYLE’S — girlfriend — that’s amazing!

And let me say it again, – Helen is destined to be a winter holiday blockbuster….something will happen, – it always does.

Just a view from the Prairie! ma schmidt

Barbara in Idaho October 23, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Based on the fact that most new TV comedies failed, or continue on and are not funny and typically insulting (except Modern Family), the fact is, TV execs have lost the ability to recognize fun, funny and appealing to women. We want smart shows about smart, adult women. Why would I want to watch “Up All Night” when I juggle my own life of sleep deprivation, marital equality and work obligations? Remember Designing Women? It was women-centered, smart, funny, touching and…successful!

I would watch any of your 3 ideas. Unlike Christina Applegate, you ARE funny and could make the chaos of motherhood validating, and at the same time make me laugh.

Take it as a compliment that they don’t get it…because what they apprently “get” is terrible.

I want to watch TV at the end of an exhausting day…and I’m usually watching a rerun of “American Pickers” or “Chopped”. I am a middle-age, middle-class consumer…you’d think the networks would want to give me something.

Even Modern Family can get a bit dumb at times…did anyone else get the Ed Norton episode?

Sorry, meant to be a bit of a pick me up and turned bitter at the end…I was just really looking forward to Simon Baker as Patrick!

William J. October 23, 2011 at 6:24 AM

I’m probably not the best person to give career advise considering that I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up and my current occupations are customer and future lottery winner.

Did you know you are now in the company of Conan O’Brian, Seth Rogan, and Jack Black?

When I listen to you or the sisters I come away with the impression that none of you have ever settled. I know this is a rough question and I hope you and the crew forgive me for asking it, but why are you settling for rejection? Just because some idiot executives at the networks didn’t accept your proposal doesn’t mean you aren’t a great television writer. My guess is that had you made all five sister porn stars the proposal would have been accepted. Instead of thinking about rejection, celebrate keeping your integrity. Just know if there were two products side by side, one that the TV producers accepted and one that you produced I’m choosing yours every single time and I’m betting I’m not the one of the crew that would do that.

Not settling would be advise. You are a multi-talented inspiring woman with a winning style and personality. I wouldn’t settle for just one thing. I’d keep writing novels, television proposals, blog entries, and I’d keep speaking.

The two of your talents that I would like to see more of are inspirational speaking and standup comedy. Your year of living dangerously (let her rip) inspired a ton of us. You have the talent to get up in front of an audience and get us all to get up and get going. I’d like to see more speaking engagements.

You and Sheila were hilarious at the benefit. I look at the OWN network TV schedule and frankly it stinks. I’d send OWN the video of the benefit and propose a one hour Satellite Sister comedy special. Not a series, a one hour special with you and Sheila in the lead and the other sisters sauntering in from time to time.


pat in o.c. October 22, 2011 at 5:42 PM

Keep writing…you’re a brilliant writer & storyteller. I admire your versatility w/the podcasts, book, column, & ventures into television as well! Keep it up!

Hey, Steve Jobs was fired by Apple at one point! The guy knew failure. Sort of made a nice comeback don’t ya’ think…….

Thanksgiving Trinkets from Mother – Don’t say anything, except thanks. It makes her happy…you all get a good laugh & smile out of them. Yes, you should donate or sell at a school function down the line… Not to be morbid. Your lovely mother will not be around forever….. My Mom died at 74 a few years ago. I miss the things from Big Lots & garage sales & flea markets & Target she always gave to me at Holidays for lunches or parties…. (Mail them to Julie’s new daughter-in-law as a welcome to the family……..)

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