Go Badgers! Go Ducks! Go Girl Scouts! Go Rose Parade !

by Lian on December 30, 2011

These are my kind of Badgers.

The pre-Rose Parade  activities are really in full swing here in Pasadena, and by that I mean,  people with large blocks of cheese on their heads are walking around town with no shame. Plus, there tons of  incredibly bad driving by cars with out-of-state license plates. (Yes, hitting your brakes at random intervals while driving around the Rose Bowl is annoying… but we love you anyway!)

Must be Rose Bowl Week!

If you are a Duck, a Badger, a Bandie or a Girl Scout headed to Pasadena, here are a few resources to make your week a little more enjoyable:

From HGTV.com My Insider’s View of The Rose Parade. Whether you’re watching on it on HGTV or camping out on Colorado Boulevard, here are some insider tips to know and tell.

From Hometown Pasadena All kinds of local Pasadena resources for visitors from restaurants to hotels. Plus, where to get the Best Cheeseball in town. Did you hear that, Badgers? Best Cheeseball.

From the Pasadena Star News Our local paper’s website is chock full of information with a specail section for parade-goers.


Wish me luck as I attempt to drive across town to the grocery store. Sta out of my way, Ducks! And I hope those Badgers have bought all the cheese.

Embracing my chaos, Lian


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Lian January 1, 2012 at 4:50 PM

Pat– what a lovely gesture. Thank you for sharing this. Special attention will be paid to the AIDS float. I’ll snap a picture for you. Lian

William J. December 31, 2011 at 9:27 AM

Been eventful for the Ducks. First, nine of the players got stuck in the hotel elevator for several hours. Then Mark Asper a starting offensive lineman for the Ducks saved the life of a fan with the Heimlich manuever.

We are getting daily Pasadena updates from a local sports writer.

My friend Shirley and her husband are going to be at the parade and the game. They are from Texas and are part of a Church group on a retreat. She is the chruch counselor. I sent Shirley your HGTV piece and also suggested they visited The Hunnington and sent them a link to it. I felt so informed!!

I am rooting for The Ducks. I have to. When you move here they make you sign an agreement that you will root for Oregon and Oregon State if they are in a bowl game.

I am rooting for a great game, that nobody gets injured on either team, that The Badgers and The Ducks play their hearts out and shake hands after the game that the Ducks hopefully win.


pat in o.c. December 31, 2011 at 8:09 AM

I love how you cherish & embrace the entire Pasadena Rose Parade & Bowl enjoyment, craziness, fun, & beauty! You do have to love people who will wear cheese on their heads.

Perfect Rose Parade weather – as God dictates I believe for Pasadena and New Year’s Day.

I will cheer the Aids Healthcare Foundation float w/a smile & a tear. The AHF Elizabeth Taylor theme float has vials with roses on it, & for $5.00 people could have a name written on it for a loved one who has died of AIDS. I got one for my nephew Tony, who died Nov. 22nd of suicide. But, his family knows it was due to his painful 3 yr. battle with AIDS. He was loved, & gave love to his family & friends. He admired Elizabeth Taylor, & he met her once years ago at a fundraiser, & she was very kind to him. Tony & I, lovingly argued & debated politics & life & faith for years…& always ended w/ a hug & a laugh, ‘….seriously, how can you listen to Toby Keith & Tim McGraw, that’s not music, it’s a tragedy…’ He was talented, gifted, & troubled. We miss him. I know other family members made the $5.00 text donation in his name… I’ll have a smile on my face knowing he’s in the Parade, with Elizabeth Taylor.

I believe people can still make the text donation to contribute to the cause
Text 20222, then FLOWER, then name of loved one lost (or just to help the foundation), it directs from there (AHF float).

Chpdlivr December 31, 2011 at 4:50 AM

What was I thinking when I turned down my friends’ invite to attend this year? Fiscal responsibility won out! Happy New Year, Lian!

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