Chaos Chronicles 508: The Hunger Games; Real Simple Time Pie Charts & Trayvon Martin

by Lian on March 23, 2012

Heading into the weekend, Chaos Crew, with a new Chaos Chronicles podcast for you. On the show this week:

The Chaos Chronicles: DIY fallout or What Happens when the neihbors realize you like to do your own home repairs

The Good and Not So Good of Social Media: The Trayvon Martin Case and The Shockingly fast Downward Spiral of Jason Russell of Kony 2012

The Hunger Games: I read the book , now hear if I’ll see the movie

Real Simple Women & Time and Most Excellent Pie Charts: has devoted a new section to Women and Time management. They’ve also created these fabulous time usage pie charts, an addictive use of any free time you might actually have. Check out the Real Simple Women & Time here.  Here’s my pie chart:

What Other People Think I Spend My Time  On: 

The Pie Chart I created at under the What Other People Think I Do All day category. Opportunities abound for more humor. See the others at Real Simple-- from Katniss Everdeen to Carrie Bradshaw. Or create your own! Click on the graphic above.


Have  great weekend. Embrace your Chaos, Lian



Adrian March 26, 2012 at 7:34 PM

I laughed out loud listening to your coverage of Hunger Games. I appreciate your appreciation of the movie, because many parents in my circle are poo-pooing it though they’ve never seen it or read it. Kids killing kids…I get it, but Hunger Games is so much more.
Here’s my take on the book: I read youth fiction because it is a way to connect with my voracious-reader daughter. I read all of the Twilight books, even though I wanted to smack Bella around by the end of it. I read the Travelling Pants series and was glad that I did because it turned out not to be age appropriate for my daughter at that time. I read Princess Diaries, too. I don’t read everything my daughter reads, but I love sharing. These books, even the bad ones, are a great source of many mother-daughter conversations about literature and as an English professor and a mom, how could I not love that?
I found the book to be a unique and well-written story. It was original and the characters were perfectly flawed teenagers who did not rely on magic or feminine wiles. The story was message-ridden without being preachy.
Here’s my take on the movie: It was true to the book. It was as perfect a match as one could expect. I cried during the worst parts (I cried reading the books too); I bawled and blubbered shamelessly. I felt acutely like a mom who wanted to wrap her arms around those sweet babies and protect them.
What was most compelling about the story is that the lead character is strong. My teenage daughter is inundated with images of girls who are mean, catty, weight-obsessed, narcissist and so on and so on. This character, Katniss Everdeen, though beautiful, made it through the world with skill and cleverness. That’s kind of positive trait is hard to come by in teen lit. We seldom get to see or read about female leads who primarily exhibit these strengths without depending on a stronger male character. It’s refreshing and empowering.

mari (Bookworm with a View) March 25, 2012 at 9:26 AM

Thanks for your take on Hunger Games. After hearing a few reviews this weekend I think I’m okay not reading this one. I tried Harry Potter which kept me awake from vivid dreams… image flying/falling from the sky during a squiditch game! I still don’t understand Twilight…

I AM an adult, with out school age children and I also like adult vocabulary and a plot that doesn’t circle many times over.

I JUST posted a blog post about our most recent project (my husband is also a big fan of DIY, and a frugal guy). Since he travels 60-70% of the time he can’t redo landscaping but can take on other rewarding/cost saving home improvement. Here’s the link if you are interested:

Hope Peter Pan was a big success! I hope you recap the interpretation (loved Hook so my hopes are high).

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