Chaos Chronicles 512: Birth Order; John Edwards vs. The TV show Scandal; College Reunion Prep

by Lian on April 26, 2012

On Chaos Chronicles Podcast 512:

The Chaos Chronicles: Or how I nearly starved to death  in a 5 star hotel.

John Edwards Trail vs. The TV Show Scandal: Which one is more unbelievable

Book by Jeffery Kluger

Click here to order

The Sibling Effect by Jeffrey Kluger: Lots of interesting information about what the bonds among brothers and sister reveal about us. Lian tackles Birth Order.

The To Do List: Please don’t give me your old stuff




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Embracing my Chaos, Lian





chpdlivr May 1, 2012 at 7:30 AM

Just finished listening to the podcast. I have to say, you went above and beyond with the Legos. I agree, never drop them off at someone’s house. But why would any yard sale NOT want Legos? They are money makers!! My son’s high school has the same kind of sale and they charge $3 to get in an hour before the advertised time for all the bargain hunters.

Great story about being hungry in the hotel. It’s true, sometimes you come home to such a pile up that you question weather or not it was worth the effort.
Also, as far as clothes shopping, I have to tell my self the same thing: I have something like that at home. I must have 4 black “fly aways” (cardigans without buttons) to wear with all the tops that don’t come with sleeves! Can’t wait for Liz to open JUST SLEEVES! Every time I go in a store, I find myself looking at the black cardigans!! Enough!!

Sonya J. April 27, 2012 at 6:32 AM

Just heard your podcast and loved the info on “The Sibling Effect”. I am the youngest of four with a nine year gap between me and the next youngest. Another issue with being the youngest – there are almost no pictures of you as a young child. The only reason what there are pictures of me as I grew older is because they are school pictures.

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