Podcasts! Audio Systems! Books! Tools! Six Things to Like this Father’s Day

by Lian on June 12, 2012

Cue the Golf Cliches and the BBQ Aprons! It’s Father’s Day this weekend. Inspired by a couple of male members of the Chaos Crew, I’ve put together a list of gift items and ideas for the men in our lives. Feel free to add your own ideas…

Mental Stimulation for Readers:

The Book Guys Podcast: Our own Professor Alan has been promoted to a regular on this entertaining, informative show. Get your guy a iPod and pre-load a few podcasts for him.  The Book Guys is a blog and podcast dedicated to books and anything related to books. The Book Guys  cover book events and publishing news, but also audio books, audio dramas, podcasts, comic books, and even movies — but only if they’re based on a book or comic. The podcast – hosted by Paul the Book Guy, Greg the Book Guy, Sir Jimmy, and Professor Alan – features author interviews, book reviews, and a round-table discussion of book news.Click here to find The Book Guys Podcast at iTunes.

Great Summer Reads: Chaos Crew guy Josh Bingham put together a great list of summer books which look to appeal to all readers, but particurly to men. Thanks for sending along this link Josh. You can find his blog and book list here. 

Sports Illustrated: I know, this suggestion is hardly out of the box. But, despite my objections to the swimsuit issue, I continue to subscribe and read Sports Illustrated because the writing is great. (Even if the art direction is a mess.) Every week, there is at leas one great piece that moves and informs me about human nature as seen through the prism of sport. Recently, a look back at the baseball steroids scandal was one such piece. Click here to subscribe to an All Access subscription( digital and print) with a  free NFL T-shirt thrown in for about $40 a year. That’s a good deal.

 Tools for the DIY-er

My husband has been on a DIY tear over the last year, re-doing a bathroom, re-landscaping the front yard and painting the kitchen. And then, there are the countless re-organization days of various closets, storage areas and garages Here’s a short list of tool that appear to make him happy:

Electric Leaf Blower : I don’t know, maybe he thinks it’s a jet pack, but nothing has made him happier than his new electric leaf blower. He purchased this after a giant wind storm in December, but uses it almost every weekend to blow away his cares. Quietly, I might add. His leaf blower of choice is the Toro found here on Amazon.

Re-Chargeable  Work Light: I can’t tell you how many times over the past year I’ve stood and held the portable rechargeable work light while my husband tightens a screw in a  dark corner somewhere. Handy, Hanging, Works great. His is a Coolite from Northern Tools. here is a similar model for under 30 bucks.

Ultimate Audio System:

Simple, Compact, Elegant.  Audion system priced from $299 with special gift card promotions from Target in time for Father's Day. I think we're ready to make the leap. Sonos Wireless HiFi System: My husband has been coveting this system for a while now. It’s compact, great looking and using the word HiFi in the name is brilliant for people of the LP generation who are suspicious of “wireless music.” Sonos promises easy set-up and heart-shaking sound . But what’s a guy to do with all his Roxy Music cds? Oh right, download them to an iPod!  The time has come to convert to all-digital. We are ready to make the emotional leap to wireless audio and this elegant little system checks a lot of our boxes. I’ve watched the video several times now and  I think I understand how it works. Take a look at the video:


Interested? Target is running a promotion with Sonos. Order the Sonos Wireless HiFi System through Target.com and receive a Target gift card. Purchase the Sonos Play 3 System and receive a $30 card. Purchase the Sonos Play 5 System and receive a $40 card. For details on the Target promotion, click here.

Thanks to the One2One Network for letting me know about the Sonos Wireless Hifi system and the Target promotion. All opinions stated are mine. I have been entered in a drawing for participating.


What’s on your Father’s Day List?

Embracing my chaos, Lian

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