Random Thoughts London 2012 #7: Judo Nation, Golden Gabby and More Today Show Questions

by Lian on August 3, 2012

I know that Gabby is the Golden Girl and Phelps made a statement, but the highlight of the day for me was Kayla Harrison, the American who won the gold in Judo.

I sat down at 4:30 for a 10 minute break from my own personal Cleaning Olympiad.  Forty minutes later, I was a sobbing mess on the couch, thanks to Kayla and her story. All I can say is that after the emotional profile where she discussed her sexual abuse at the hands of her coach at the age of 13, I was rooting for her on every level.  By the time the match was won and she had hugged her new coached and leapt into the stands to hug her big, handsome fiancée with the strains of David Bowie’s “Heroes” in the background, I was blotchy and red-faced.

I wasn’t the only one in tears. The guy doing the Judo analysis could barely choke out any words when Kayla held up the American flag.

And to top it off, in a charming interview with Liam McHugh over there at the NBC Sports Network, Kayla revealed that she’s applied to become a firefighter after the Olympics. A firefighter!

I don’t understand Judo, but  I heart Kayla.

Another Top Moment for women in Sports: A great race and wonderful emotion from the understated Rebecca Soni in the Women’s 200 Breaststroke.

From the inspirational to the insipid. I had to turn off The Today Show when Al  Roker started to quiz his co-hosts on hilarious British expressions. Really? You’re in London. At the Olympics! And the only segment you can come up with is,  “ You know what they call the hood of a car? A boot!”

I couldn’t stand it. I knew all the results by 3 pm.  No video, just results.

Micheal Phelps, on no you didn’t.

Glad to see that gymnastics carries on its tradition of suspicious scoring and stupid rules. I am dreading the Daggett/Schlegal/Trautwig outrage.

Team Handball looks like the game my kids made up in the backyard.

I love the names of the venues. Horseman’s Parade. Earl’s Court. Downton Abbey.

And the city looks wonderful, the crowds are enthused and the weather hasn’t been awful. Way to go, GB.

But I feel the need to question the cheerleaders’ outfits and the bikini-clad ball bearers at the beach volleyball.  Stick to rain gear.

Solidly behind Team GB to win Men’s Soccer.

Yeah! Volleyball and Rowing on at night! Apparently, the divers have synchronized all that could by synched.

Considering NBC is going to delay that interview with the gold medal Women’s 8 team by like ten hours, you’d think they let those women catch their collective breath.

Insane Fit Posse: US Women’s 8.

Our clicker is suffering from overuse.  Not as responsive as it was a week ago.

I loved the Nastia Lukin voiceover on the intro to the gymnastics. Over the top? Yes.  But it worked.

And then Al Trautwig started talking.

But the Extreme Close-Up of the other Gymnasts of Yore, not as successful.

Those Russian are so Russian. Their uneven bars are off the hook, as the kids used to say like last year.

Who are those guys driving the Mercedes in that ad? Are we supposed to know them?

That John Cleese Direct TV ad gets funnier every time I see it. He’s playing pingpong with a Sherpa! Hahaha.

Can’t make it. This is what happens when you know the results, you lose your resolve to stay up until midnight to watch a race where you already know the winner. High fives to all the winners.

It’s morning and my husband is watching women’s soccer live.  Gymnastics at lunch!

Track and Field starts!

Embracing my Chaos, Lian

London 2012 #6

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pat in o.c. August 4, 2012 at 7:27 AM

I enjoy the Cleese commercial too.

I hope Monty Python guys are part of the closing ceremony.

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