Random Thoughts London 2012 #9: Micheal Phelps, Michael Phelps, MIcheal Phleps

by Lian on August 5, 2012

We are kickin’ it Old Skool here in Mammoth Lakes, California with a large square TV and no DVR, no HD. But the couch is plentiful and the remote has new batteries, so let the viewing continue. Plus, Mammoth Lakes is the high-altitude home of many Olympians- marathoner like Meb Keflezighi- so we practicall feel like we’re in London. It even rained last night!

Let’s start with Michael Phelps because that was quite a moment last night when he wrapped up his Olympic career with a smokin’ relay. I thought he has going to cry before the race started, but he held his emotions for afterwards.  Then we were all crying, weren’t we? Like the Phelps women, I wasn’t wearing mascara.

I’m sorry to have missed his interview with  Bob Costas but I went to bed.  And with no DVR, it’s like it never even happened. Tree falling in the forest and all.

In 2004, before the Sydney games, the Olympic Trials for swimming were in Long Beach. Liz, Sheila, the boys and I went down a couple of evenings to watch. We were lucky enough to have seen a then-15 year old Phelps qualify for several events. After each race, the qualifiers were given a medal, a towel with the Sydney logo and a teddy bear. All the other qualifiers smiled, waved and kept their loot. Not Micheal Phelps.  After every race, he flung the towel and the teddy bear into the stands and then handed the medal to one lucky fan. It was charming. He didn’t care about the stuff, he just cared about the swimming.

On behalf of viewers everywhere, thank you, Michael Phelps.

Okay, now, to Andy Murray who is currently battling Roger Federer. Let’s go, Murray! Do something with that home court advantage of yours. For once. Nice wristbands on Andy. Nice Swiss shirt on  Roger.

Mrs. Murray is scary. She needs a Chico’s makeover.

Yesterday morning, I packed, cleaned and watched the women’s triathalon. That was a fantastic race with a photo finish and heartbreak for the American who came in fourth . NBC is doing a fine, fine job on all the road racing events. And I loved that the women race loops around Buckingham Palace.

The revealing tri suits were both super cool and super depressing. Nothing feakin’ moves on those women when they run. Nothing.

After so many years of seeing photos of South African runner Oscar Pistorius, with his blades and his shades, I expected him to be a typical cocky sprinter. But what a lovely, soft-spoken man. Very moving to see how moved he was to run.

Speaking of cocky sprinters, I love Usain Bolt. Loved it when he said,referring to his anticipated 100 meter performance,  ”I want people to turn off their TVs after the race and say, whoa, what just happened?” hahaha.

Sadly, we missed the 10,000 meter race. When was it on? Where? Congratulations to Mo Farah and American Galen Rupp.

Always funny: Mary Carillo in a full-dress kilt

Raise your hand if you want The Red Hot Chili Pipers to play at your next family reunion.

Paging Mike Powell and Carl Lewis. A British guy wins the Olympic Long Jump with a distance of barely over 27 feet? A British guy?   27 feet? That was a sad day for long jump.

My husband said with disgust, “Carl Lewis could wake up tomorrow morning and jump 27 feet before breakfast.”

Then, we found  the classic 1991 World Championship long jump duel between Mike Powell and Carl Lewis  on YouTube. Lewis had the best 6 jump series ever and Powell went on to break Bob Beamon’s record with a jump of 29 4 1/2. THAT is long jumping.

What a field for the women’s 100 meter and what a finish. Is it me or do  all those female sprinters have a LOT of names. Like 3 or 4 names per person.

Bolt, Bolt, Bolt!


Off to do some high-altitude training myself.

Embrace your Chaos, Lian

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Suzanne smith August 5, 2012 at 6:06 PM

I love your posts. Some thoughts for you….
Mary Carillo is the best, tonight she went from prosthetics in South Africa to Bond in London!
I think its bizarre, with all the technology, the track athletes use safety pins to attach their giant, plastic paper names to their jerseys, which are sometimes smaller. Tonight I saw an official peel a number off a pad, hand it to the American girl, who then stuck it to her hip. Really?!

pat in o.c. August 5, 2012 at 10:49 AM

Andy did it! He did play brilliantly….as did SErena yesterday. Frankly, I think Serena could have beaten Roger too yesterday….. Congrats Andy. Lovely thing for the UK & Scotland. God Save The Queen…..in London….@ Wimbledon….with a Gold Medal. That’s a career wrap.

Mrs. Murray is a well known tennis mom, w/another tennis Murray son, & former player herself. Her appearance has often been criticised in the flamboyant British press. But, no one has accused of her being a Mary Pierce type tennis parent, just the opposite from what I’ve read. Let the celebrating go on & on Murray’s – well done! Roger & Del Potro, good job!

That goal Mexico got off of SEnegal yesterday……the ‘lazy’ pass. Wow. Do not pass the ball backwards & in front of your own goalie……..ugh.

The Brit Track & Field in Heptathalon & Long Jump – very cool. I love the T&F ‘on the track’ camera….amazing how fast they all go. They fly!

I’m in awe of the ‘blade runner’….not only a stunning race, a stunning life. Congrats!

Phelps, yes, it was touching to see him get choked up. I hope his mother and he make a lot of ads together, & go to more Olympics together as commentators & hosts. Have fun!

Enjoy your family vacation.

Anthony August 5, 2012 at 10:27 AM

After nine days of US coverage, it has been somewhat of a shock to be servetheory super-polite, super-sweet Canadian Olympic coverage. They show more GB coverage, which is nice, but they have a real obsession with last place in a huge field. They show footage, over and over of the poor wee Canadian girl who came 52nd in a field of 52 and was given a 20 minute airtime apology; now the are obsessed with the Irish marathon lady who came last in a field of 107.
We will be home on Tuesday so will be interested to see how the UK coverage matches up. In the meantime I’ll be relying on your Random Thoughts.

Oh – yipee for Andy!

Kristin August 5, 2012 at 10:18 AM

The 10, 000 was brilliant, but I too felt for Galen as his barf snuck up on him.

The women’s tri is what inspires me to keep doing them. Spin bike in the basement while watching, then a quick run in the rain. However, there were parts of me that definitely jiggle!

Andy Murray!!!! Having lived in the UK, I got all goose bumpy and cried when he beat the pants of Federer. Amazing.

Will miss Michael’s mom. The Chicoliciousness she brings, along with her girls… always makes me smile. Perhaps on to Missy Franklin’s mom?

Janet W. August 5, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Re: 10,000 meter race…it was on regular NBC late afternoon. Very exciting. Near miss in most “eeewwww” moment when, post-race, Galen threw up (just a little) on the track. Mo had done that falling-on-the-track-in-joy thing and almost came into contact with the stomach fluids. It was so close.

Lots of celebration. Mo’s little girl was on the track, Kate and William in the stands.

Jennifer G August 5, 2012 at 6:59 AM

I am really disappointed I missed the nose clip analysis, do you think I could find it on youtube? Lol really nose clips ;)

Nancy Davis August 5, 2012 at 6:52 AM

My favorite line: “And with no DVR, it’s like it never even happened. ” ha, ha, ha!

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