Random Thoughts London 2012 #10: It’s all about the Landings

by Lian on August 6, 2012

A theme commentary today in honor of Mars Rover Curiosity and the millions of Olympic-inspired headlines this morning. Congratulations to the Mars team there in Pasadena and La Canada.  You make us all proud with your vision and focus.

And frankly, just how well you all seem to be able to do math.

Now, who stuck their landings and who did not:

Stuck: Olga Korbut. Great piece on 1972′s sweetheart Olga on NBC in morning coverage.  Wonderful piece of history, sport and replays of  her epic back  somersault. Gave me chills to see the tape again and hear Jim McKay. My TV here appears to be from 1972, so nice symmetry.

Not Stuck: McKayla Maroney  The collective gasp of audiences everywhere when Air Maroney landed on her backside must have been heard on Mars. Heartbreak.


Stuck: Usain Bolt. When you have a field that boasts the 4 fastest men of all time and everyone in the stands knows who’s going to win the race, you are a champion.

Not Stuck: Jenna Bush referring the to the race as “the a hundred meter” in a taped piece for Today Show. A taped piece, not an in the moment slip. Her interview with Usain Bolt was a crime against sport.


Stuck: Twin Cam shot in Synchronized swimming. Great technology. You can see the swimmer above AND below the waterline.

Not Stuck: Synch Swimming as an Olympic sport  I know, an easy mark, but after watching the real swimmers last week, the synchro, with the nose clips and the jello, seems like a party trick.


Stuck: Sonya Richards Ross  A gracious and talented champion who is now a gold medalist and her family, scattered all over the stadium,  reacting to her win with tears and cheers

Not Stuck: Mrs. Murray and her freakishly cold reaction when her son Andy finally won some significant.   Were they playing that match at the Oedipus Complex?  Oh, no, Wimbledon. Wow, that explains why Andy Murray thinks his new head coach Ivan Lendl is warm and fuzzy.


Stuck: Team GB’s Stella McCartney wear  Love these eye catching uniforms in their many versions.

Not Stuck:  The Michael Jackson Synchro Suits There are no words….


Stuck: The Australian women’s water polo team taking down China in a shootout. I find I simply can not root against the Aussies.

Not Stuck: US Judo medalist Delpopo blaming positive drug tests on “unknown consumption of pot brownies.” People still make those?


Stuck: The Duchess of Cambridge enjoying herself at many  events, cheering and smiling and talking to the US gymnasts.

Unstuck: That guy who threw a glass bottle at the 100 meters guys just before the gun went off. Sacrilympic.


Making plans to watch the US women’s soccer team v. Canada at lunch. Embracing my Chaos, Lian


London 2012 #9



pat in o.c. August 7, 2012 at 7:34 AM

Those Pasadena JPL/Caltech guys & gals….hey, they’re pretty smart! Love the mohawk guy too. What did you do at work today? Uh, we sent a multi-million dollar thing millions of miles into unknown space, and it landed on Mars, survived, & it’s sending back cool pictures & info humans can study & learn from for decades……. Uh, me, oh, I made a cool spreadsheet…….

Have a great time in the mountains w/ the stone age tv set.

Usain was cool w/ Jenna, & yeah, couldn’t NBC splice that out of the interview? Then again, I no more wish to see Jenna (who seems like a nice young lady), than I wanted to see Chelsea. No First Family relatives on TV please……….

Usain, amazing. All the men in that race, amazing. He will be there 4 years from now too….& he’ll probably win again. They literally fly….

Women’s soccer………great win! Way too many goals for the rough Canadians though….goalie held the ball too long? Guess they did warn her. Still….cheesy. The best match of the Olympics. Oh wait, that bad call against Spain, that cost them the match….ref says he’s sorry today. OK….

Synchronized anything…….no softball, no baseball….but, synch. swimming & badminton tanked matches. Not right.

What is with the Bob Costas controversy over his Gabby comments…I think he was trying to praise her & the significance of the win….Wash. Post & Wonkette writers pile on his words & his hair! Back to Gabby’s hair – it’s perfect, back off people. They are athletes, they sweat, they get wet, they’re flipping backwards & upside down….she looks brilliant. The smile people, that smile is a gazillion dollars.

Missy, too cute. Swimming is actually over……I’m a little sad.

Love the track & field stories….love the female star being cheered on by her adorable twin sons! Sweet. Come on team USA!

Love Will & Kate enjoying all of the games & doing what Julie said to do……adding sparkle wherever they go! Less Mayor & IOC Pres. & Camila, more Will & Kate & Harry…..

Love the Team GB outfits too. Dislike the grey USA uniforms. What’s wrong w/ red, white, & blue.

Men’s basketball…..Lithiuania & Argentina, put up a good fight….but, splat in the end. Good. Vanessa arrives, no more pics of Kobe in clubs……coincidence…..

London truly looks beautiful! The minor gaffes here & there…like losing the keys to Wembly, OK, so far nothing major. GOOD. I trust the UK military to keep things in hand.

Lian August 7, 2012 at 7:02 AM

Love hear from the Synchro fans. I knew I would. I know that’s it’s really hard and that swimmers are fit and do amazing things,

But it just doesn’t do it for me as a competitive sport. Lian

Sue in NJ August 6, 2012 at 8:24 PM

Your commentary on Andy Murray and mum is too funny! Laugh-out-loud funny!

Denise August 6, 2012 at 6:16 PM

Synchro Swimming…Stuck!
My 14-year-old daughter is a competitive swimmer. She has been on club teams for 8 years. She has also lettered twice in high school swimming. She is also a gymnast. A synchro friend decided that a swimmer/gymnast would make a great synchro swimmer and talked her into high school synchro swimming last year. Initially, my husband and I were not enthusiastic about her decision, but now we are synchro enthusiasts.

Even with all her years of competitive swimming, our daughter found synchro swimming to be extremely difficult! You have to be very strong and agile to be a synchro swimmer. Anytime they are upside down in the water they are sculling to keep themselves upright or to propel themselves up or down. It’s basically inverted water polo with an artistic flair. And then there’s the breath control! Those girls are underwater for a long time while working really hard and trying to stay synchronized with their partner. (Competitive swimmers use sculling as a training tool.)

When the team event is shown later this week, watch for the girls at the bottom of the formations who are not only keeping themselves upright underwater (without touching the bottom of the pool), but they are also supporting the weight of their team members during lifts and propelling them through the air during throws. Notice how long they stay underwater.

Yes the hair gel, makeup, sequins and rhinestones are girly distractions, but even Missy Franklin uses nose clips. The reason synchro looks easy is because the swimmers are really good at what they do. They have great strength, agility, control and artistry.

Betty August 6, 2012 at 5:56 PM

Love your “Random Thoughts,” BUT disagree about Synchronized Swimming being “unstuck” as not a truly Olympic sport. 1) The “real” swimmers get to take a breath a lot more often –lol; 2) My guess is that if put to the test the synchronized swimmers would be pretty darn good competitive swimmers; and 3) it’s basically gymnastics in the water. And hey, Missy Franklin wears a nose clip! Tennis was my #1 competitive sport, but I sure did enjoy participating in synchronized swimming, no matter that I was not very skilled. I’m here to tell you that it’s a LOT more difficult then these Olympians make it look. Just wish that the U.S. team had made it into the team competition. Love the high tech camera!

Shannon August 6, 2012 at 2:31 PM

Hi Lian-
I’m enjoying your daily summaries very much. You’re making more curious about events that never interested me much in the past…..

Thought you might enjoy this photographer’s blog— all action shots at the Olympics…. scroll through the pages— so amazing.



Michele August 6, 2012 at 9:08 AM

I haven’t even read your whole article yet, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for mentioning that JPL (The Mars Team) is in Pasadena and LA CANADA:) Kind of silly, but it always drive La Canadans a bit crazy when we hear about JPL in “Pasadena”. Thanks, Lian:-) Now, back to your article.

Jill - NH August 6, 2012 at 9:03 AM

Lian I am so thankful you are posting your random thoughts and results of the Olympics. I have watched, with no exaggeration, “less” than 1 hour of TV coverage. I watched some of the gymnastics (which by the way is my favorite but just couldn’t get into it as I already knew the outcome & results) and watched maybe 10 minutes of Misty May someone and the other girl volleyball player. I really thought I’d get more into these Olympics but not so much so I am totally grateful you’ve been posting, made me feel like I was actually watching while I was actually able to do other more important stuff, like getting my ironing caught up!!

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