Random Thoughts London 2012 #11: US Women Rule!

by Lian on August 8, 2012

Watching the Olympics without access to a DVR is like riding in a road race. At first, I could keep up with the Olympic lead group, squeezing in viewing in the morning, at lunch and staying up until midnight to watch the 100 meters. I worked with my team, to gather results and fill in the blanks. Then, as the miles passed and the events piled-up, I  dropped off the  back, struggling to stay with the leaders. I missed the 10,00o.  I missed men’s tri. And last night, when I was unable to stay up to see Aly get her gold, I lost contact with the lead riders, dropping back to the peleton. Where is the next water station?

Ah well, today is another stage and we’re headed home from the mountains and our circa 1973 TV for the last weekend of the games.  In the meantime, here’s what I caught from the peleton:

At the risk of being jingoistic: American Women Rule!  Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Water polo all came up with huge victories to advance. Thank you, Title IX.

We went to restaurant to watch the US v. Canada soccer match. On our set in the condo, you can’t really see the ball and that impairs our viewing pleasure. Bonus: Bar had 6 TVs! Soccer, Showjumping and one-man canoeing all at the same time. All in HD! It’s was glorious.

Re: Soccer Ref Controversy during US v. Canada. My husband and my son, both certifies US Soccer refs, mentioned several times during our lunchtime viewing that the Canadian goalie was holding on to the ball way  too long.  Then, she finally got called for it. It’s not a common call, but she was milking it.

Did you see those manly men in the canoes with the giant paddles? That’s all I can to say about that.

And for the men, my husband was sorry to see the Russian pole vaulter get less camera time due to her silver, not gold.

It’s a pleasure to listen to Lisa Leslie do the basketball commentary. Knowledgeable and  relaxed. I’ve seen her do panel discussion at conferences and such and wonder why she doesn’t have her own talk show. She’s great.

There was a great moment in the US women’s basketball game the other day when the cameras caught a virtual United Nations of fans singing, “We will, We will, Rock you.” God save Queen.

Wowowow. Great to watch the OTHER US women’s beach volleyball team Keesey and Ross beat the Brazilians. And then to see Misty and Kerri go up against the Chinese. The finals will be very exciting.

I don’t speak Portuguese, but that one Brazillian player wasn’t too happy with that other Brazilian player. You don’t see partners berating each other like that very often.

Frigid rainstorm. Heating pads for the athletes. Bright pink rain ponchos on the fans. Ah, those Brits, they really know how to beach.

Well at least the stupid rules in gymnastics go both ways.

How bad did you feel for the Romanian woman, and I do mean woman ,  as she watched her bronze medal disappear?  Awful. That’s the tape gymnastics officials should replay and then award 2 Bronzes.

And Al Trautwig kept referring to the Romanian as “disconsolate.” She was the complete opposite: stoic and strong. Not a tear, not a sour face. Hardly disconsolate.

Heard from the Synchronized Swimming fans knew I would. I know the athletes train hard and what they do requires skills, but to me, it’s exactly like Ice Dancing: beautiful, technical, showy and not a satisfying competitive sport.

Poor Lolo Jones: Fourth place… and a virgin.

Let’s Go Mexico!

Let’s go US Women!

Embracing my Chaos, Lian

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Jennifer G August 10, 2012 at 7:40 AM

I must say I agree with Janet, there has been way too much beach volleyball in primetime. I have begun to fast forward through it in order to get to something different. I mean congratulations to them and everything but I would like to have seen some different sports highlighted as well.

- Jennifer

pat in o.c. August 9, 2012 at 10:23 AM

USA Women’s Soccer – Good luck! Japan is a great team. Yes, the Canadian goalie held the ball too long, & was warned….iffy rule, but, legit. That was a wonderful game. Sorry Canada.

Aly, brilliant. All the gymnasts, Little Iron Ladies, those girls are tough! I dislike the gymnastic coaches on the floor, go sit down already. Love that Spelman College’s President went to London to recruit Gabby for the school!

British in cycling, wow, you guys are pretty good on those bikes. London still looks great. Did the Mayor get off the zipline?

Lolo…like her story, faith, working to get back to another Olympics. She’ll make lots of money w/ her story, personality, looks….may even try for 3 Games. But, Lolo, stop whining. You lost. Yes, NY Times writer was petty & mean….so? If you wear outfits, & do magazine layouts, that say ‘look at me’…..when you win or lose, they are looking! People take jabs….what’s new? Pearson & Harper, so close @ the finish, you were a nanosecond behind them ….4th place. Sucks. Do not whine. Buck up. Smile. Run more if you wish. You’ll probably be working for NBC in 4 years………no whining.

Professor Alan August 8, 2012 at 3:24 PM

now THAT was a great soccer match. Perhaps our neighbors to the north got a raw deal on a few calls, but ………

and I love the ladies beach VBall, especially the Brazilians, because it says “BRA” on their tops ………. and because I have the maturity of a 9-year-old.

Mary in MN August 8, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Another gem! Thanks Lian :)

Betty August 8, 2012 at 7:46 AM

You don’t need a DVR to watch the Olympics. All you need is http://www.nbcolympics.com. I don’t have DVR and haven’t missed any of my “must sees”. Most events don’t have audio commentary, but I am liking that it allows me to often hear what the players are saying to each other, as well as the refs and the fans. It’s also fun to listen to what the announcer is saying during beach volleyball.

If we don’t count Ice Dancing or Synchronized Swimming as Olympics worthy then we also can’t count the women’s floor exercise in gymanstics. The music, the cute little poses…especially when the guys don’t have to do it with music and poses…would have to go. Was rooting for our US duet in Synchro, of course, but must say that the Russian team was stupendous. Also thought the Canadians deserved a medal.

My dad always used to say that the judged events, while often entertaining, have no business in the Olympics, and I’m beginning to agree. The judging is just too darn subjective.

My niece is the goalie of her travel team and noticed early on in the US v Canada game that the goalie was holding onto the ball longer than is usually allowed. She thought that perhaps Olympic rules were different. Since you mentioned that the one Brazilian women’s volleyball player was not too happy with her partner, did anyone else notice that Hope Solo was none too happy with one of her defenders after a Canadian goal? I’d have to go back to the video to see who the defender was, but she was trying to clear the ball … but was in the way of Solo. The camera cut away too soon, but Solo was clearly flailing her arms in frustration at the defender.

Speaking of the Brazilians, I have a dear friend in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I’ll ask her what the one Brazilian volleyball player was saying to the other. I think I’ll wait a few days, though, because she might still not be speaking to me after the loss. ;) Brazilians are intense about their football/soccer and their volleyball.

Still trying to decide who to root for in the women’s beach volleyball final.

Amanda August 8, 2012 at 6:48 AM

“Poor Lolo Jones: Fourth place… and a virgin”

um I die at this, so funny.

Janet August 8, 2012 at 6:31 AM

I am happy for Misty and Kerri, but NBC (regular network) has shown at least 5 hours of them. It does not seem fair to me. Also…soccer playing girls across the country, and fans who only have network coverage were stuck with lots of this and that instead of the US vs. Canada game. As one of those without cable….I’m just about done watching. Also…I’m headed off for a sisters trip. We are driving from Madison to Colorado Springs for a Color Run and hiking, etc. Maybe They’ll have a big screen set up at the OTC in Colo. Springs.

cloudmom August 8, 2012 at 6:20 AM

Thanks for all the commentary! I don’t know how you do it. Yesterday we were at restaurant that showed the Olympics on three TVs and we had to keep up with water polo/volleyball/soccer. I was having crazy fun and we were only there 2 hours! My favorite Mary C. moment was when she featured the family owned Twinings Tea Company. For tasting they “speed” sipped the tea. (my word not theirs)

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