Random Thoughts London 2012 #12: Allyson Felix, SuperCool Hurdlers and Bruce Jenner

by Lian on August 9, 2012

Great night of track & field last night. No judges, no costumes, no music — just a clock and measuring stick.  Ah, relief. I’m so happy for Allyson Felix who finally won her gold in the 200 meters. I love watching her run.

Oh, the water polo is too painful. I can’t watch.

The women’s wrestling reminds me of growing up in the Dolan household. Monica and Sheila used to settle a lot of arguments in similar style. And the tiebreaker rules (draw a name out of a hat, winner gets to grab the other person’s leg) were apparently made up by my brother Brendan.

Grand Prix Dressage: Does it seem wrong that horses get Artistic Marks?

Wait! What? The Aussies brought their own mascot to London. No way! Did you see that giant Boxing Kangaroo at the basketball game. That is AWESOME.

Oh, no. It’s just a fan in a giant kangaroo suit. That’s awesome, too.

What’s the deal with Craig Sager?

My husband goes for his run as soon as they cut to multiple rounds of platform diving. I, on the other hand,  stick around to watch and read InStyle simultaneously. Platform diving is spectacular.

The announcer just announced that one of the divers weighs 78 lbs. I’ve never weighed 78 lbs.

Voice of Doom Cynthia Potter declares tonight’s diving a “splashfest.”  That’s the most fun thing she’s ever said.

According to InStyle, Vests and Jade are big fall trends. And, lookee here. I already own the blue silk camp shirt from Ann Taylor featured three ways on Page 118! Yes, I will layer it like a cardi over a white sheath, InStyle! Thanks.

A House Divided: I’m for Misty and Kerry and my husband wants Jen and April.

I win.

All-Time Great Satellite Sister Moment: Misty and Kerry’s post-match interview.  Sob, sob.

But let’s same a prayer of thanks that the Prime Time Domination of Beach Volleyball is over. Do we really need to see every game?

Ashton Eaton’s mom in the P&G ad makes me cry. But what’s with shoving the decathlon “coverage” to this weird taped piece in the last 5 minutes of  the show, NBC? Without any actual information, like times and scores. Hoping they do a better job covering it today.

As somebody who doesn’t watch anything Kardashian, I was ill-prepared to see the surgical mess called Bruce Jenner. It was hard to explain to our children who that was and why he mattered after seeing that young girl’s nose on his face.

Is Morgan Freeman just standing in  studio somewhere ready to voice-over at a minute’s notice?

The Nike track & field gear is fantastic. The red is a fresh change and the yellow shoes are the best. Plus, the fact that these summer games are freezing cold  means we get to see all the pieces in the collection. Running tights make a strong comeback. Nice layering, Americans.

The guys that went gold/silver in the 110 Hurdles- Aries Merritt and Jason Richardson- are bringing sexy back to track.

Go, Ashton! Go, US Women in all your sports.

Embracing my Chaos,


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Janet W. August 9, 2012 at 7:14 PM

Amen, sister ……re constant coverage of the beach vb. I am officially boycotting the rest of these games due to the lack of profile given the women’s soccer team. (and b/c I’m on a road trip with my sisters)

I won’t boycott this blog, though. Happy watching.

MaryCatherine August 9, 2012 at 12:26 PM

OK… I am making my self sick with worry watching the gold medal women’s soccer game! I should just check in later to see if the American women beat Japan! Crossing my fingers. I only wish the American Men’s team was in London too..

Professor Alan August 9, 2012 at 11:58 AM

Yes, the decathlon coverage has been disappointing, far less (quality AND quantity) than I had hoped for, given the number of channels they’ve had to put events on.

pat in o.c. August 9, 2012 at 10:27 AM

Bruce scared me too. He was so handsome, why did he bother.
More proof that Bjorn Borg is the male athlete who has aged the best…..

Yes, why is the Decathalon, w/ apossible Gold-Silver USA team, given such shabby timeslots. Less synchronized, ping pong, more of those guys.

Go USA Women in Soccer!

Someone tell the mens basketball players to stop hitting each other in the private parts, what is that.

Misty & Kerri, OC Silver Team, way to go ladies!

I love the NBC track announcer – the former athlete Ado Bolton – love his voice! Go Bolt, may even break a sweat, nah……

Kristin August 9, 2012 at 7:57 AM

I too have NEVER weighed 78 pounds! I am frustrated with what is covered on the tv piece. Thankfully, we have been able to DVR and watch some of what we want, but for heaven sakes…. the 5-10 minutes of coverage to things like the decathlon, ridiculous.

Right there with you and the sobbing watching Ashton’s mom and Misty/Kerry. Watched the volleyball medal ceremony this am, cried all over!

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