New College-Bound Chronicles: The College Essay; Communication with the Admissions Office and Countdown to the SATs

by Lian on October 1, 2012

On this episode: Standardized Tests from Start to Finish Advice on:

How to manage your anxiety levels

How to know IF your teen needs prep

How to help your teen find the right prep

How to motivate your teen to prep

How to manage the night before the SAT

Dr. Nancy Berk’s List of 5: Panic Busters

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On this episode: Essay Tips and Tricks  Advice on:

Helping your teen brainstorm the essay

Knowing when to step in and step back

Top Three Taboo topics

The power of proofreading

Bringing in reinforcements

Dr. Nancy Berk’s List of 5: Essay Tips

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The College-Bound Chronicles 105: Communicating with the Admissions Office & The College Admissions InterviewOn this episode: Admissions Office Strategy 

Advice on:

How to interact with college admissions professionals

Why the parent shouldn’t pose as the applicant

The dangers of becoming an overly involved parent

The worst things to do on a college interview

The best things to do on a college interview

What to do down the road: From waiting to waiting list

Dr. Nancy Berk’s List of 5: Admissions Office Myths

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