Two New College-Bound Chronicles Podcasts: Finalizing the List and Cost Cutting Tips for the Admissions Process

by Lian on October 23, 2012

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Life goes on here in Pasadena and for me right now, that means college admissions for my son Brookes. And, yes, this week I offered to pay for dinner for him and his homecoming date in exchange for completing the Common Application by Saturday night. I am not proud, but after the excessive cajoling needed to get him to wrap-up his college essay, I felt entitled to bribery. I’m hoping he takes the bait.

That’s why  I’m so happy to have Dr. Nancy Berk as my personal sounding board for all my questions on the College Admissions Process. And thanks to those of you who’ve embraced our new podcast series and made us a “New & Noteworthy” selection on iTunes.

This week, I get to pick Nancy’s brain about Finalizing the List. (Is one “safety” school enough? Or is no school really “safe?” )  And she shows off by offering up all kinds of cost cutting tips on the admissions process ( Did you know you can negotiate with the Financial Aid office?”)


Here are the links and descriptions for the two shows we posted today. Find us at iTunes or if you’re a Chaos Chronicles subscriber, no worries. you already get the show!

The College-Bound Chronicles 108: College Admissions Cost-Cutting

Lian Dolan, mother, broadcaster and host of The Chaos Chronicles.

On this episode: Saving Money on the College Search

 Advice on:

Cutting costs on college visits

Saving money on test prep

Finding free coaching

Application fee waivers

Negotiating with the Financial Aid Office

Dr. Nancy Berk’s List of 5: Keeping some college cash


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The College-Bound Chronicles 109: Finalizing The List

On this episode: Saving Money on the College Search

Advice on:

Narrowing down the college search

Finding the right balance

Pros and cons of “over” and “under-applying”

Maintaining family harmony

Dr. Nancy Berk’s List of 5: Questions to maximize success


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Embracing my chaos, Lian



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gilles October 27, 2012 at 1:55 PM

Thanks for the alleyoop recommendation. I’ll pass it on to my GED students. My best to all the Dolans.

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