Kindle Paperwhite Product Review: A Good Little Device for Readers on the Run

by Lian on November 15, 2012

Yes, I made the leap to an e-reader! At least for a little bit. As part of the Viewpoints Blogger Review Panel, a new Kindle Paperwhite arrived at my door about a month ago. As an e-reader newbie, I was pretty intimidated. But as a writer, I knew I had to at least give the e-reading experience a whirl, as research at the very least. Don’t worry, Bookstores! I’m not a total convert so I’ll still be stalking the aisles, buying hard-backs and hoping to catch at least one person EVER spontaneously pick up Helen of Pasadena and buy it. But, I will say, I have grown to enjoy my little Kindle Paperwhite and I’ll be sorry to donate it to a worthy charity! (Cuz that’s the deal with this terrific Viewpoints Bloggers Review Panel. We review, then we donate.)

Click here for all the product specs on the Kindle Paperwhite


You can read my full review here at Viewpoints.

And the reviews of others who absolutely loved the Kindle Paperwhite.

But in short, I’d put this well-priced ( $119), lightweight (7.5 oz) e-reader on your list of you love to read on the run. Are you the type that always has a Sue Grafton mystery in the front seat to read while waiting in the carpool line? Do you rip through political thrillers while your kids are at hockey practice? Do you travel frequently for business and want to have a novel nearby at all times? Then the Kindle Paperwhite is for you. As promised in the ads, you can read in bright sunlight. You can read in bed. You can probably read while standing on your head. Would I make the Kindle Paperwhite the only reading device- book or e-reader– I utilized? No. But a good little device to have in your reading arsenal!

But order now for the Holidays because the Kindle Paperwhite is currently a 12/21 ship date at Amazon.

If you just can’t make up your mind, watch our Google Hangout Discussion on the Paperwhite! I downloaded Gone Girl as my first book. See what happened!

Please Note: I am part of the Viewpoints Blogger Review Panel . On an occasional basis, I will be reviewing products provided to me by Viewpoints. My obligation to Viewpoints is to provide and honest consumer review. In exchange for the review, I’m  able to donate the product to the charity  of my choice.

I’ll be donating this Kindle Paperwhite to Mother’s Club, a longstanding non-profit in Pasadena that provides literacy and parenting class for moms while also  providing high-quality pre-school education for their kids.  All classes are free of charge. It’s a terrific organization that I’ve supported for years.

What e-readers do you love? Would love to hear!


Embracing my chaos, Lian


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