Random Thoughts on the Golden Globes, Cleavage and the Possibility of Hair Plugs on Kevin Costner

by Lian on January 13, 2013

This look never left his face for three hours. Scary Mel.

Ah, the Golden Globes. Last year, I was forced to watch because of ill health. But this year. I felt compelled to support Tina and Amy and the rest of The Girls. (and, ahem,  the girls…) So, without further adieu….

A genuinely funny opening bit. Way to go, Amy and Tina. Perfect combo of saucy and sweet.

Funny until the shot of my doppelganger Jodie Foster next to Mel Gibson.

The Hunger Games and Life of Pi? Hahahaha. So much funnier to say it about yourself than, say, about somebody else, Ricky Gervais.

Wow-o-wow: Jennifer Garner. Rachel Weitz. Leo. Hayden Panettierre (Love Nashville. Love.) Julianne Moore.

Wah? Sienna Miller. Joaquin. The look on Mel Gibson’s face.

Oh, and then the awards start. And the winners start naming people no one cares about.

Those Modern Family folks always appear to be having a fine, fine time together, like an actual modern family.

Mr. & Ms. Golden Globe freak me out. So does Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sorry not to see The Hour win. That show is fantastic.

Sarah Palin jokes seem tired. But cleavage seems to be very fresh this year.

Can Damian Lewis win every award?  And can Paul Rudd give every award out?

I loved Argo. Granted, I’ve seen almost no other movie this year, but it’s hard for me to believe there’s a more satisfying film out there.

J-Lo, there are no words. God Bless America.

Daniel Craig high-fiving Adele? Brilliant.

Kevin Costner so close to a meaningful speech. So close.

And what do we think about the tuft of gray in front? Hair plugs? Or product?

Crying with laughter, crying, over Kristen Wiig and Will Farrell. Totally skewering Hollywood fakeness. Lighten up, Tommy Lee Jones.

Jennifer Lawrence, great speech. Very promising for the Oscars. Lena Dunham, take a lesson because I’m sure you’re going to win a boatload of awards.

I dreamed a dream…  that Anne Hathaway didn’t feign surprise. But nice moment for Norma Rae.

Lucy Lui appears to have GWTW’d it. Drapes in the morning; gown by evening. Oh, Miss Scarlett.

More Hugh Jackman. Clare Danes, solid speech. Sacha Baron Cohen, just a touch of naughty.

Helena Bonham Carter, don’t ever change…. your hair.

All of these movies look so good. I should get out more.

Never funny to say someone’s name wrong, even in a bit.

How psyched am I for The Americans?

I like a good hamster joke, but…

Okay, I’m totally getting Jodie’s haircut…

But the speech is super-nutty.  And somehow very moving.  And, yet, very nutty.

Wow, Ben Affleck is totally nervous. Always surprises me.

30 seconds of Jay Leno reminds me why I haven’t watched him in 20 years.

I keep meaning to see Bernie.

Changed my mind. Hugh Jackman should win every award.

SO MUCH cleavage.

And finally, some texts from Sheila:

Daniel Day!!

Jeremy Irons?!!

Miss Ricky Gervais.


Your Random Thoughts?





marycatherine January 14, 2013 at 10:36 AM

Agree about Bernie. Really enjoyed it last year! Loved Tina and Amy. They were so supportive of each other! I thought Jessica Alba had the most beautiful dress of the night. Also loved Natalie Morales of the Today Show. She looked better than most of the stars she was interviewing!

Margaret from NY January 14, 2013 at 4:28 AM

Meryl must not live in CA because I saw the map of the flu and no one has it there. People get your flu shot!

Jodi. I felt uncomfortable in the beginning of the speech and felt I was missing something. Maybe I wasn’t intelligent enough to get her humor. Then I felt sad for her break-up and lonliness. But what beautiful kids she has!

Loved the Flying Nun comment.

Kristin January 14, 2013 at 4:16 AM

Loved Adele and since I had recently watched the Princess Diaries with my 10 yo daughter, loved that reference from Anne.

Almost died laughing at Tina and Amy, even my kids thought Kristin and Will were hilarious (even if they didn’t quite get the humor….they knew funny).

The whole cleavage was a lesson/ teachable moment in body image for both my kids. Best part, though, for me, was “watching” it together with my SIL who is in China and had to rely on Chinese internet/video streaming.

Looking forward to the Oscars…..

Natalie January 13, 2013 at 8:30 PM

“Bernie” was awesome. Totally agree about TLJ. Lighten up! Have loved Jodie Foster since I was a kid, and saw her in “Napoleon & Samantha” and “Tom Sawyer.” Love that she ‘sorta’ came out…to those few who didn’t know. Why was there silence during her speech? And it seemed like her ex was there…why didn’t they show her? Clare Danes was channeling Carrie…she was making me nervous. But totally didn’t know she was pregnant during those episodes. Thought Adele was hysterical, liked Lucy Liu’s dress, thought if Jennifer Lawrence drops some food while eating, it would be caught in her boob-cups.

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