Product Review: NeatDesk Scanner is a terrific entry level business organizer

by Lian on April 19, 2013

Last summer, I signed up to be a product tester for the Viewpoints Blogger Review Panel. I was lured into this product testing detail because of the catch: We’d test products and donate the products to our favorite charities once we had finished the reviewing process. A win-win. But here’s the rub, all of the products we’ve tested, I totally want to keep! I reluctantly gave my Kindle to a wonderful organization in Pasadena that works with moms and kids on literacy .(Yes, it’s better to give than receive but now I dream of a Kindle for Mother’s Day.)  Ditto the awesome hi-tech, supercharged Panasonic toaster oven we tested. ( I loved the toaster oven so much, I went out and bought my own. It’s mesmerizing! ) Now, it’s happened again! Viewpoints sent us a NeatDesk scanner to test and I don’t want to give it up. ( But, I will..)

Here’s an official product description of the Neatdesk:

The NeatDesk 00698 for Mac Desktop Scanner would be a great addition to any home or office. The high-speed desktop scanner has the ability of scanning any documents within an area of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. You can scan any of your documents within that stipulated area in a single go. Be it an important business card, money receipts or transaction documents, the 600 dpi scanner will help you keep scanned copies in your record without a problem. The software installed in the scanner helps you to organize all your key information making it easy for you to keep a track of your business. The Duplex desktop scanner comes with an AC power adapter for easy usage.

NeatDesk 00698 for Mac Desktop Scanner

  • Scan Area: 8.5 x 11″
  • Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Capacity: 10 business cards, 10 receipts, 10 letter-size documents or 50-page letter size documents
  • Includes AC power adapter

My Review:

This is technology for people like me: solo business owners with basic tech skills and sub-par organizational skills. Think of it as an entry-level scanner to launch you on the path to organized contact lists, expense reports, tax documents and contract organizing. It’s almost $400, so it’s not cheap. But cheaper than hiring a home organizer/tax accountant for the day to scan docs, receipts and whatever you need to clean off your desk, get your business expenses in order and make sense of your signed contracts.

I literally cleaned off my desk while testing the NeatDesk! If you regularly read The Chaos Chronicles, you know this has been a long year for me. While difficulties in my personal life took precedence, my work tasks slipped further and further down my To Do List. The result was a stack of stuff, like important contracts, that had piled up and were looking for a home.  I was so far behind where I wanted to be during tax time. The first step to cleaning up the mess, was downloading the software from the DVD and tackling the initial 5 minutes of technical set-up– usually where things go bad for me when acclimating to any tech product! But, I followed the directions and was ready to scan in 20 minutes. Then I started, one doc and parking voucher at a time, scanning and converting my stack of stuff into PDFs on my iMac’s desktop.  Easy and no issues for me. The scan quality isn’t pristine and most of my docs were no longer than 5 pages so I didn’t experience any of the glitches or freeze-ups I’d been warned about.The NeatDesk serviced my small business needs easily and efficiently.

Fo me and the simple bookkeeping and organizing I to do keep my media company running smoothly, the NeatDesk was a terrific option. I’m on the road to organization and I can see my desktop.  Now, apparently, I have to go get my own!


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