Lian Dolan and Elizabeth the First Wife headed out on book tour of NJ/NY/CT

by Lian on May 30, 2013

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Pulling a Liz and paying for WiFi on the plane. Look at me! Working on a plane! Something I always say I’m going to do, then the lure of magazines gets the best of me. But I know the next 6 days will be jam-packed, so I forced myself to PUT DOWN THE US WEEKLY . Phew.

I’m very excited to be headed to Newark Airport where I will be picked up by my escort/lifesaver Mari of the Manic Mommies Book Club ( and long-time Satellite Sister listener) who will whisk me to Maplewood, NJ for the first event this evening. Like the glamorous author I am, I’ll be changing in the ladies room at the airport because Mari informs me it’s hotter than the sun in NJ and more humid than a rain forest. (So much for my crisp blue & white Banana Republic wardrobe. ) See the complete East Coast Tour Schedule below.

The rest of the week involves every form of transportation known to mankind ( at least mankind on the Eastern Seaboard): car services; jitneys; ferries; high school friends with cars; college friends with cars; family members with cars; trains; taxis; and the train to the plane. I resorted to Fed-ex a box of clothes to Sag Harbor (another tribute to Liz) to avoid uber-schlepping through Manhattan with anything more than a roller bag and computer bag. But I’m up for the challenge and looking forward to meeting many long-time listeners along the way. Thanks for making the effort to come see me.

Thanks to the Natural Skin Shop for supporting the Elizabeth the First Wife Book Tour. They’ve provided great gift certificates for the East Coast Tour. Can’t make it to NJ/NY/CT? No worries. I’ll do some give-aways on the blog when I get back.

East Coast Tour Dates

Thursday, May 30 Words Books, Maplewood NJ  Booktalk and Signing 7:30p

Friday, May 31 Book Expo America, New York City signing Time Friday May 30 2:30 Open to BEA attendees only

Saturday, June 1 BookHampton, Mattituck, LI Talk and Signing Time 4:00

Monday, June 3 RJ Julia Madison, CT Talk and Signing 7:00

Tuesday, June 4 Westport Public Library Talk and Signing Noon


For additional Elizabeth the First Wife Book Tour Dates in Oregon and Chicago, click here.

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Embracing my chaos! Here we go! Lian


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Sue Shaughnessy May 31, 2013 at 10:02 AM

Have a great time on this swing of your tour Lian!

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