New Chaos Chronicles Podcast: Live Coverage of Royal Baby, plus What NOT to say to Kate after she gives birth

by Lian on July 22, 2013

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Hi, Chaos Crew! I had to get in on the press overkill on the Royal Baby Labor Coverage. I’m in a closet and the rest of the media is in London, but that doesn’t stop me from offering advice on what NOT to say the Duchess of Cambridge after  the baby arrives.

I’m off to BlogHer 2013 this week and then vacation. But a rich full show this week!

Embrace your Chaos, Lian


Mon, 22 July 2013

Lian jumps on the Royal Baby Watch with Live coverage from her closet. Plus:

My (Short-lived) Life as a Life Coach

Those Awful Wedding Shows on TLC

The Lesson of Cory Monteith and RIPD Bombs

BlogHer 2013

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t3zoo July 24, 2013 at 2:05 PM

Great podcast, Lian. Thank you for talking about Cory Monteith; it was such sad news and it’s so important that the conversation gets going about the difficulties faced by those with addiction disorders.

We are so behind in many aspects of this disease. Considering the huge number of people affected by it, it’s actually shocking that we are dire need of public education and accessible and affordable treatment. I know that in my county there has been a surge in heroin and other opiate use among teens and that the county prosecutor is making a valiant effort to publicize it in order to get people to understand that it is in their communities, being used by kids they know.

But all our voices are important in order to get people to truly understand that almost all drug use really does start at those teen parties that parents either don’t know about or choose to ignore. So yes, I think you are exactly right that parents who do permit drinking and drugs because they expect a certain amount of use among teens are (1) creating a huge liability for themselves and (2) are really participating in a toss of the dice for the 10% of the kids who are probably genetically predisposed to addiction disorder. For all the years prior to the high school years, when we let our kids go to people’s houses, we really trusted that they were making wise choices to keep the kids safe. Why should that stop when the stakes are even higher? They really do owe at least a warning to other parents. Maybe then awareness will grow and some tragedies may be avoided. So thank you for adding your voice!

On a lighter note, I find those wedding shows awful to watch too!

CLSD OPEN July 23, 2013 at 6:48 AM

Great podcast, Lian! I enjoy for your perspective on things. I totally agree with you on how family really takes up the 3-7pm time slot–wow, the extra time I’d have if there wasn’t so much to do during those 4 hours every day! ;) Have a fantastic vacation and enjoy the wedding!

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