It’s Game Day, Moms! Back to School Skincare Giveaway for the Men in your Life!

by Lian on September 3, 2013

Hi all–

A few months ago, one of my trusted skincare sources, Ginger at Natural Skin Shop, sent me  some samples of a new skincare line for active men called Game Day.   As you know, I have a house full of active men (Some one whom need to be reminded on a daily basis to wash their faces! Ah, teen boys.) I put the Game Day products in my son’s bathroom and told them, “Give them a try. Tell me what you think.”

Honestly, they loved them. And I could tell by their skin that they were effective and lived up to their promise. They really loved the all-in-one Game Day Shower Gel + Facial Wash, the perfect product for guys who don’t want a lot of steps in their skincare routine. (Sold at a great price point, btw.)  I handed out a few smaple to their friends who all came back with rave reviews. (To read about the Game Day Product Line, click here)

And really, my boys smelled good and sometimes, as a mom, that’s enough.

Click here to 'like' the Game day Facebook page and enter for a chance to win a complete set of Game Day products

So, for those of you with active men(and particularly man/boys) I wanted to pass along the information on a great give-away on the Game Day Facebook Page. Have sons off at school? Thinking the man in your life needs a skin care update?  Game Day is giving away a complete set of products- from the fantastic Shower Gel + Facial Wash to the Shaving Scrub. Head on over to the Game Day Facebook Page to enter.


Or if you can’t wait and want to send off a care package to your son , use the code ‘ldolan’ for a 25% discount on all products you order from


This is a family run business– and I admire that. A Father/Son brand! So that’s why I said, “Sure, I’ll put something on my  Chaos Chronicles.”  Here’s their story from their website:

Game Day is a father son brand launched in 2013 by my father, Dr. Kerry Demascus, and myself. We set out to offer the highest quality skincare products that even the most discerning sportsman will want to use. We designed the Game Day line under the watchful eye of Dr. Demascus, who has over 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of facial aesthetics. In too many industries products are just pumped out to fill demand. No attention to quality or detail. At Game Day, we are passionate about designing a product that people want and appreciate. There is such a large gap today between high-quality products with attention to detail and the low-quality, mass-produced products. If you are going to do something, do it right. 

Demetri Demascus

Co-Founder & CEO Game Day 

I had a chance  meet some of the Demascus family at my booksigning at the Westport Library. And yes, both mother and son had great skin!

Good luck, Game Day! I’m rooting for you to succeed.

Embrace you Chaos, Lian

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