Happy 30th Birthday, Chicos ! Gifts for all the Satellite Sisters from the new Catalogue

by Lian on September 9, 2013

This weekend on Satellite Sisters, we celebrated Chicos 30th Birthday. Because that’s what the new catalogue– The Book of Chic–  told  us to do right on the cover. Plus, we’ve had some up close and personal communucation with the Chicos team, so we wanted to be there for them to party on the Big 3-0.  I picked out gifts for all my sisters– and now they should go out and buy them for themselves because that was not part of the deal.

You can listen to the Satellite Sisters show here.

A few photos for the Satellite Sisterhood in case you were wondering. You can visit the Chicos website here: :


For Julie, because at Chicos, “Leopard is a solid.” And, I think that’s true in Dallas. Plus check out the fact that the BELT and the STATEMENT NECKLACE are built right into the print! I know Julie with her cute fugure could pull this off. Go for it, Julie!


For Liz, because she owns the Long over Short Tunic Look, the Softly Chic Veronica Top.  This comes in 5 solids, but I think when you celebrate 30 years, you should go with Cheetah. Great Price point, Liz. Buy’em all for yourself. Because you only turn 30 every 2 or 3 years. 



For Sheila, because Chicos believes you should Wow Your Week! And what teacher couldn’t use a little WOW on a Friday aftrenoon? I say, ditch the cozy clothes and try FAUX LEATHER.  Hello, Ms. Dolan!


For Monica, the color of the Season: Teal. (Is it me, or isn’t Teal the color of, like, every third season?) Anywho, Monica is one of the Satellite Sisters that can pull off this stunning color. I see Holiday Parties in her future with the Camilla Cardigan. 




For Me? I’m going to embrace Unstoppable Sparkle, because I have a LOT of books events over the next few months. And I’m going to need a little faux pizazz by the end of October. The Violet Necklace matches my book cover and my mood.


Best wishes to Cher and all our friends at Chicos. An amazing company with a great attitude toward making women of all ages and stages look great.


Embracing my Chaos, Lian

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Natalie September 11, 2013 at 11:10 AM

I am SO glad you put those photos up. I was just looking at the Chicos website trying to figure out what clothes you were talking about !LOL! The pants look nice…if you have long legs and no fat. :(

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