Random Thoughts on the Emmys: Funny Women Win, Bob Newhart’s Tears and my Best Dress

by Lian on September 23, 2013

the lovely Kerry Washington in a gorgeous dress

I wasn’t going to watch the Emmy’s because I don’t watch “Breaking Bad.” so I figured I miss all the references, but then Liz texted me a photo of her Emmy Make-up and I was in. A clean, fresh, non-smokey eye ? If Liz could go non-smokey eye, the least I could do was tune in. Some Random Thoughts…


Well done: Will Farrell, Jeff Daniels, Ellen Burstyn and Stephen Colbert.

Very Happy for the Colbert Report which has risen to another level this year. A well-deserved victory over the Daily Show.  And I loved when Stephen said that his mom never worried about him.

Best of the Night; Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She looked great and she did great. A little pre-production goes a long way. Her acceptance speech with her bag man from Veep ,Tony Hale, was spot on. She’s the best. Really.

(Derek Hough, take note. ‘Holy Crap!” is not really a speech. But I loved that dance number.)

Runner up: Tina Fey who has reached a point in her career where she so confident in her creative voice, she is always dead on funny. And she looked beautiful.

Bronze Medal: Sophia Vergara. Could she be more delightful?

Women taking home trophies for Best Writing and Best Directing in a Comedy in the same year? That must be a first. Could it be a trend?

Oh, no. Because then they read the list of writers for the Late Night Shows are they are 98% men.

Loved the song-and-dance from NPH, but could have used fewer off -color jokes from the host. Sorry, Neil. Not your best for me.

Glad to see the Deschanel Sisters coordinated their outfits just like the Satellite Sisters.

Is Conan O’Brien still on TV? And is that show Political Animals ever coming back?  Should I get Showtime?

Most Pleasant Man on Earth: Tim Gunn

Loveliest Dress: Kerry Washington

That was Unfortunate: Clare Dane’s Dress

The In Memoriums were well done but very sad. And. so was that tape of Walter Cronkite announcing President’ Kennedy’s death. Hard to rebound from the downer energy.

I didn’t understand Sir Elton John’s tribute to Liberace. Sorry. And Carrie Underwood’s version of Yesterday was a head-scratcher for me.  But I loved Bob Newhart’s tears.

I wonder if Ben Affleck is jealous of Michael Douglas.

Little Known Fact: I have Juliann’s Hough’s Haircut. And that is where the similarities end.

Dylan McDermott, welcome to TV.


You Random Thoughts?



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chris d. September 23, 2013 at 5:20 PM

Hi Lian,

I want to send big thanks to you for the blog notes. I always enjoy them, and agree with your Emmy summations. That dress is out of this world. To me, it should have been pick of the night. I can only dream to wear a dress that ethereal and feminine.

I want to say how much true delight I take in your new podcasts. twice weekly !!! wow, its so appreciated.. honestly, I do learn from you. I am 65 but no one would know it. least of all me.

I am not on face book and know I miss a lot. I have no idea how to get on it without sacrificing my privacy. I have followed you sisters for years and years, and always enjoy the shows.

The conversations very often are life changing and thought provoking; therefore, I regard your work to be very valuable.

Thanks to you, I am now writing. When a friend invited me to a group/class, I eagerly jumped right in. Writing is such very hard work, with sooooo many edits. I cannot believe how hard it is, but its rewarding to leave something lasting for my family. I have made some author friends in this locale. People who write appreciate all of the effort and perseverance required. I write now because I can’t not do it. No matter how accomplished the author is, we are on a common ground in the rigors of writing.

take care,
you women are each so special,
Chris D.

In minutes, I am going to start reading Elizabeth the First Wife… Cannot wait.

Nicole etal September 23, 2013 at 2:16 PM

I agree. Brava to funny women, and they are why I stayed tuned in. I also enjoyed how they introduced Best Choreography. To Do list: commit to Veep.

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