Three Things to Like When Your Spouse is Out of Town: Betrayal; Yogi Tea; and Paris in Love by Eloisa James

by Lian on October 9, 2013

Ah, bliss. A little marital vacation then back to marital bliss. My husband is out of town . Really, poor guy, in Vegas for 6 days of nonstop meetings and nonstop meals. For a runner and all-around healthy guy, this is a Worst Case Scenario. For me, it’s a few days to forego contacts lenses, family dinners and grooming. After a busy early Fall, I’m happy to be home and logging some serious sleep. I’ve embarked on a fall shape-up and eat better program. I’m boosting my pro-biotic intake after my spring bout with MRSA. And, I’m ripping through a few good books and some sexy TV shows.  Here’s this week’s List of  Three Things to Love: Home Alone Version


Paris in Love by Eloisa James  If your travel budget for this Fall doesn’t include a trip to Paris, then just pick up Paris in Love and you’ll feel like you’ve made it to the City of Lights.  I just finished this delightful memoir  and I wanted to spread the word. ( Not that best-selling romance writer Eloisa James needs my help!) Writer and Shakespeare professor James takes a sabbatical and lives out my personal fantasy: A Year in Paris with her family.  Motivated by her mother’s death and her own bout with cancer, James and her family sell their possessions and absorb all that Paris has to offer for a writer, her husband who is an Italian literature prof and their kids, a teen and a tween. Her ‘memoir’ is a loose collection of what started as Facebook posts and became a charming, smartly-observed chronicle that combines random thoughts, insightful commentary and well-crafted essays.   Of course, there is food, art, window-shopping and some truly fantastic fashion advice. But there is also heart.; several of the essays brought me to tears. If you only know Eloisa James through her Regency Romances, pick up Paris in Love to get to really know her. It’s a wonderful vacation for the reader, funny and moving. Click here to order at Amazon. 

Casting game: How about Stuart Townsend as Elizabeth the First Wife's Rafa?

Betrayal  Creatively, I’m back in outlining mode for my next book which for me means a LOT of media consumption as inspiration. I happened upon the pilot of Betrayal in a hotel room one night and wow! Hooked! I’m all for bad behavior if it’s fictional!  Set in Chicago and involving politically-connected families ( Are there any other types in Chicago?) , this is like The Good Wife minus the procedural. Let’s get straight to the adultery on this one, shall we?  Neglected Artist Wife meet Connected Fixer Husband and, viewers, start your engines.  It is adult content, so be warned. But if you are wondering was Stuart Townsend’s been up to since his break-up with Charlize, you’ll find him here. And looking good.

Yogi Teas  I’m a coffee achiever but I’ve learned to love tea, once I let tea into my life. I love my yoga studio. because they have tiny cups of Yogi Tea on hand after every class and the combination makes me feel super ( and superior0. It can be hard to find Yogi Tea, but it’s worth the effort. This week, I’m enjoying the Detox and the Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin blend. But check out all the Yogi Teas here.



I have 2.5 more days until my husband returns. That mean 3 more yoga classes, Top Chef: New Orleans and cottage cheese for dinner!  I’m also finishing The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. (More betrayal!) 


What do you love about being home alone? 

Embracing my Chaos, Lian

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Satellite Sisters Podcast is now Twice a Week! We are now producing tow Satellite Sisters shows a week. If you have tuned in, please do. You can find Satellite Sisters on Stitcher Radio ( free app! great porduct!) and iTunes as well as right here on our site  




Chris October 10, 2013 at 9:06 PM

I’m so jealous of your little marital vacation!! ;) I, too, have been thoroughly enjoying the Tuesday SS shows that you and Julie have been doing (loved the Martha Stewart iPad bit when you were both in Julie’s closet – it was Gracie-worthy, especially when you were laughing so hard that you could barely breathe!). I think I speak for all of the Chaos Crew and Satellite Sisterhood when I say that we are most appreciative of all you’re doing. I read your heartwarming column in Pasadena Magazine – it was touching to read how you’ve melded into Pasadena. One thing to thoroughly enjoy while your husband is out of town (when you tire of the cottage cheese) is take-out dinner from a place you love that he doesn’t enjoy!

Lan October 10, 2013 at 5:11 AM

I’ve been loving the addition of the Tuesday Satellite Sisters podcast! No longer do I have to wait a whole week for each new session to catch up on the latest in your lives and the world and your unique and hilarious take on it all. Keep up the great work!

P.S. I nominated Satellite Sisters for the Podcast Awards. Fingers crossed on the nomination results.

hmbalison October 9, 2013 at 4:13 PM

I can highly recommend other husband-is-gone indulgences:
Enchanted April (movie)
Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard ( memoir of when an American woman goes to cooking school in Paris and meets a handsome French boyfriend)
Lindt truffles

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