Chaos Chronicles Podcast 801: Birth Order and Bitterness; Mindfulness and the Family Dinner; and Tulips To Do

by Lian on November 8, 2013

New Chaos Chronicles Podcast

Triumph at the DMV

Can Family Dinners lead to extra Mindfulness? Lian has a  theory.  To read the article from the New York Times: Mindfulness Getting Its Share of Attention, click here

Birth Order, Brains and Bitterness. Lian answers the Huffington Post’s 28 Signs You’re Dealing with an Older Child with her own list of 28 Signs You’re Dealing with the Youngest Child.




Plant me. Plant me. I have to get these bulbs into the ground this week-- or they die!

To Do List: Time to Plant the Tulips. In the Spring, these beauties will be popping up in my yard. If I can get them into the ground this weekend. To see more bulbs, Click here for Longview Gardens. 

Fri, 8 November 2013

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Next week on the show: Designer and Pattern Maker Betz White. Check out to see her amazing work. 



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