Chaos Chronicles 802: Outsourcing Dinner; Find Caramel Apples and Interview with Betz White, Designer, Crafter, Author, Mom.

by Lian on November 14, 2013

Click here to see all of Betz White's Amazing Work

Featured Interview with Designer, Author and Crafter Betz White. Find her work here at  


Are you a Morning Person? Can you change if you’re not? Please help me help my teenaged son!

Advice for SnapChat kid: Take the money

Outsourcing your life: Does it make good ecomonic sense to hire help , like lots of help? From the New York Times article. What would you outsource and why?

To Do List: I need a good source for Gourmet Caramel Apples! 


Thu, 14 November 2013


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Lian December 2, 2013 at 1:19 PM

Thanks, Chris. Love your comments…

Chris November 17, 2013 at 7:13 PM

Lian, another excellent podcast! So happy to have the Chaos Chronicles back. Really enjoyed hearing Betz, and checked out the beautiful patterns on her website. Like you, I’m bummed because they’re patterns…which would require some crafting skill on my part! ;)

I can relate to your early morning struggles with your son. My son is mid-teens, and unlike when he was a baby and toddler–when I couldn’t get him to nap or go to sleep–he now complains whenever there’s a need to get up extra early. And yes, most of the extra-early mornings are due to his sports commitments! I think that being a morning person or a night owl is genetically pre-determined. I had thought for years…all the years that they wouldn’t EVER sleep in…that they were morning people–now in their teens, I’m afraid not. Hoping it turns around when they are older, since the world seems to favor morning people!

If that Snap Chat kid was mine….we’d have that $3B banked by now!!!! :)

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