Chaos Chronicles 804: Thanksgiving Follow-Up with Doorbuster and Catching Fire; News on Food Allergies and College Degrees;; plus A Fashion Query

by Lian on December 2, 2013

Embrace your Chaos with a new podcast! Modern Motherhood with a Laugh. This week on the show: 

Lian’s Follow-Up on Thanksgiving, Pate & Black Friday. For Edna Dolan’s Thanksgiving Pate Recipe, click here.

News from the Front:

Babies and Food Allergies. When should you start the solids? Hold off until 17 weeks according to a new study.

College Degrees that make money… and those that don’t . Hint, hint: Math Good; Philosophy Bad.

Click here if your daughter would rather design bridges instead of being a princess

Have a Daughter interested in Math and Science? Check out

Plus, a Fashion Query and Check out Elizabeth the First Wife and Helen of Pasadena as the Kindle Daily Deal on Wednesday, December 4th.
Mon, 2 December 2013


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Chris December 3, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Lian -thanks for another great podcast! Loved hearing how you wove your mom’s Thanksgiving traditions and food into your own holiday, still honoring her but creating your own new way of celebrating. Wear the long gloves! I think they’ll look great with your dress. Be sure to post pics so we can see! (Of course, I’m sure Liz would say that us women of a certain age need one thing: sleeves. At least I do! ;) But you’re younger than me and the yoga will get you through this. You’ll be stunning. No spray tan, though…too risky!!)

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