Random Thoughts on Sochi Olympics #1: Big Air, Bob’s Hair and Appalling Epaulettes

by Lian on February 7, 2014

Dum dum da dum dum. And it begins, the Sochi Olympics, two glorious weeks of sporting, gaming and excellent googles. (Bright green seems to be THE color.) So pull up a bobsled and let’s all watch together and be grateful we don’t actually have to go to Sochi and stay in those half-done hotel rooms. My Random Thoughts on the coverage. Be sure to add your own.


I salute Bob Costas’ bravery. As a fellow eye infection sufferer, I applaud his refusal to quit and instead, host the Olympics in his glasses.

Team Figure Skating, where have you been all my life? This sport is fantastic! A touch of skating by only the best teams!  I approve.

But NBC is trying really hard to  not to say we have no shot at a medal.

Plushenko, you are no Lysacek, but you sure can jump.

My husband goes to bed after seeing the peek-a-boo costume on Plushenko., uttering, “Real Sports have a clock. And no sequins.”

And then we answer the question, “How tall is too tall for a figure skater?” It’s 6’ 4.” Sorry, Simon Shnapir. But I love your Dad’s hat.

Those Canadian pair skaters were delightful.

How do they talk those Russian men into those stupid costumes?  But an amazing skate.

Andrea Joyce, good to see you!

Slopestyle Snowboarding is kind of a miss for me as a competitive entity. It seems like the top half of the course is just a time-killer until you get to the big jumps.

My goodness, did you try moguling on your couch for those runs?  (See these Olympics on your Couch Fitness Tips from  Fitweek) It was hard!

I have no doubt that the Satellite Sisterhood knows ten times as much about the current state of Russian than the average NBC producer.

I think Julie called it on the troikas in the Opening ceremonies. Can’t wait.

I have never watched a single episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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