Chaos Chronicles 809: Meeting my Hero; Animating Owen by Ron Suskind; Harriet the Spy turns 50!

by Lian on March 11, 2014

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What’s on the show? 

Lian meets her hero at the Santa Barbara Author’s Lunch. Hear who showed up in the front row!


Daylight Saving Stinks: More accidents, more cyberloafing and more sleepy teens and wide-awake toddlers. Why, Daylight Savings, why???

Young Tech Titans! College or SXSW? What really happens when 16 year-olds invent apps and try to do Calculus at the same time. Here’s the piece from the New York Times “The Young Technorati” 

Animating Owen by Ron Suskind  An amazing excerpt from the New York Times about educating his autistic son through Disney animated films. 




Read about the 50th Anniversary Edition of Harriet the Spy here

Let’s Celebrate the 50th Birthday of Harriet the Spy!

My favorite book of childhood and beyond. 

From the New Yorker: How to Be a Good Bad American Girl by Anna Holmes  A comparison of Harriet M. Welch and Scout Finch.


Listen to the show here:


Thanks for listening. Embrace your Chaos,





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