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Christmas Eve Mashed Potato bar; Lian’s Annual Holiday Letter; and a special Thank You to the Chaos Crew

Direct download: chaos441.mp3

Root Canal Chaos. Should you Ferberize your baby? How NOT to get fired after your office Holiday Party

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The Chaos Chronicles:  Lian leaving the boys in charge at home. Entertainment news; a new study on Moms and Stress and your best Hostess Gift Ideas

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Major Windstorm blows through Pasadena; Shopping at TJ Maxx with my mother; Your letters and comments; and Lian’s To Do List: get to Oakland somehow.

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Can Lian actually pull off Casual Thanksgiving? Plus, Pie Facts, Tips for making Thanksgiving fun for everyone and two fantastic activities for After the Meal!

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Throwing a tween rager with ragin’ tweens in my backyard;  Meeting Nellie Olsen and Erin Walton; Penn State and an important To Do List.

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The Chaos Chronicles: Kim Kardashian’s Divorce.  Plus, Top Twenty Hipster Baby Names;  The Muppets Return; Santa Claus school and Let’s Boycott! And this week’s To Do List and more.

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The Chaos Chronicles: Hear the Acceptance Speech I didn’t give at The Book Awards because I LOST.  More Literary News: How I ended up at a Naked Poetry Reading; Parenting New: Too much praise for Toddlers; No Pajamas in the Carpool line and the HPV Vaccine for Boys.  Plus, my To Do List: Halloween tips, costumes, recipes and more

Direct download: chaos434.mp3

The Chaos Chronicles: Lian’s Career Downfall as a TV writer and her resurgence as a Multi-Media Entrepreneur.  Then, one writer in America had a worse week then me. And, some tips from Women’s Health for optimism and my tips for pessimism. Plus,  I need etiquette advice for my To Do List.

Direct download: chaos433.mp3

The Chaos Chronicles: Bigger than the Royal Wedding! Lian goes to New Orleans with the fam for The Big Wedding. Plus, Great items from the SkyMall catalog and a Brand New Color! And, my To Do List.

Direct download: chaos432.mp3

Travelling to New Orleans with more reservations than one woman needs.  Plus, two words I won’t be using anymore: “Pre-Checking” and “Artisan.” And, I am more like Martha Stewart than I knew.

Direct download: chaos431.mp3

  • Lian goes to Hollywood: The hardest thing about TV pitch season
  • Lian goes to the DMV: Meet the state employee superheroes at the DMV
  • The Ten Worst Jobs: is yours on the list?
  • The To Do List: I would like to buy a car. Where are the cars? Where are the salespeople?
  • Plus, announcements from the Chaos Crew on The Cleava and the melon scare
Direct download: chaos430.mp3

Back to school day on the Chaos Chronicles! Time for kids to get on the Big Yellow School bus and for parents to make those September Resolutions. Hear Lian’s and make your own! Plus, 6 Things Every Teen Wishes their Parents Knew with your comments. Finally, a To Do List for the Chaos Crew.

Direct download: chaos429.mp3

Lian determines her Volunteer Personality AND her Parenting Personality (one is pleasing; one is not!) Plus, More advice from parenting expert Amy McCready; And, home organizing tips for lovers of tubs and hooks.
Direct download: chaos428.mp3

My vacation report. And then a Hodgepodge: Health news! Robert Redford! Contests! And a Really Bad Customer Service Idea!

Direct download: chaos427.mp3

The Chaos Chronicles: Not Camera Shy, but also Not Camera Ready. Back to School Happenings at; Adopt a Classroom in Joplin!The Happiness  Quiz & What to wear to meet Weird Al ?

Direct download: chaos_426.mp3

Podcast No.425

The Chaos Chronicles: The Gift of Cousins. Plus: Is Divorce Contagious? 8 Things to NEVER say to your Husband; Fall Fashion Trends I won’t be participating in; and my To Do List

Podcast No.424

The Chaos Chronicles: My trip the ER. Parenting in the News: The No Kids Ban and Why Kids need Summer School; plus animal news and my Justin Timberlake To Do List

Podcast No.423

The Chaos Chronicles: My Day as a Rose Queen. Why do teenagers love fame? Sweat myths BUSTED;  and the Incredible Dispappearing Summer To Do List!

Podcast No.422

The Chaos Chronicles: tales of the Panini Generation.  An Entertainment Round-up with Bridesmaids, Emmys and Downtown Abbey; plus a Royal To Do List

Podcast No.421

The Chaos Chronicles: A comedy of errors when Lian shoots a Video. The Casey Anthony Verdict; does your sleep position keep your girls perky? Plus, my To Do List.

Podcast No.420

The Chaos Chronicles: Dream Theory.  Ten signs your child is gifted and Ten signs your child is Not Gifted; Let’s Celebrate National Ice Cream Month!  Plus, My Two Do List: Carmagedden!

Podcast No.419

The Chaos Chronicles: Lian plays Sports Mom for the weekend; Plus, The Supreme Court strikes down common sense and do calories on food menus change your behavior? And, My Royal To Do list

Podcast No.418

The Chaos Chronicles: Lian apologizes to the Medical Community; Is the Hot Mom Phenomenon Over? Please! The end of the Chocolate Milk Wars and my To Do List

Podcast No.417

The Chaos Chronicles: Night of 10,000 Hors d’oeuvres; Advice for parents of sore losers; your emails and comments;  and my new summer project (hint… it involves toilets!)

Podcast No.416

The Chaos Chronicles: Two great pieces of News! Plus: Real estate advice from me ‘cuz I watch House Hunters; and Martha Stewart reads my mind and answers all my questions.

Podcast No.415

Oprah’s Last Show and What I learned. Behind the Scenes at the Gracie Awards; The strength of Elizabeth Smart; and my Memorial Day To Do List.

Podcast No.414

The Chaos Chronicles: Personal Love Child Check. One more thing to add you your Generalized Anxiety List; Advice for moms who write; My To do List includes Gracie Awards prep.

Podcast No.413

The Chaos Chronicles: Who could possibly be my childhood hero? Plus, the top ten professions for romantic heroes and How to Think Like a Man. Finally, Do you have Make Everything Stop Syndrome? Me, too!

Podcast No.412

The Chaos Chronicles: The Big News after The Big weekend. Plus, the College Reunion , The Royal Wedding and The Los Angles Times Festival of Books. And, your advice to new moms from

Podcast No.411

The Chaos Chronicles: Operation Cataract Surgery. Plus, what to say to a couple going through infertility– and what not to say; and, The State of the Sandwich Report and the College Reunion To Do List

Podcast No.410

Chaos Chronicles 410: The Coachella Confessions. Pink Nail Polish and Chocolate Milk News Updates; What I learned from Tina Fey and the To Do List.

Podcast No.409

The Chaos Chronicles: TSA busts Lian. Plus: my nominees for Worst Parents of the Year; which famous lifeguard is following me on Twitter; What’s the gender make-up of the “perfect family?” And, the new cd from Susan Cattaneo

Podcast No.408

The Chaos Chronicles: We are all the Bronx Zoo Cobra. Plus: It’s Friday, Friday, Friday and I defend Rebbecca Black; Rich Guys we have no sympathy for; and can I keep my mouth shut?

Podcast No.407

The Chaos Chronicles: Lian overreacts to the nuclear threat and admits it; From  How to Stay Friends with your Sister; and Too poor for even a stay-cation? Try a fake-ation. Plus, the To Do List!

Podcast No.406

The Chaos Chronicles: Earthquakes and me. Plus:  Following-up on the Snap-on Bra Cami and Post-delivery photos; the Texas coached who delivered two victories and a baby in the same weekend. And Lian’s To Do List including her renewed stand on institutionalized snacking.

Podcast No.405

The Chaos Chronicles: An update on the Year of Let’s Dance: can you say Hot Hula? Plus, in the Just-Stop Department,  Charlie Sheen coverage and primping after delivery.   And, join me on World Read Aloud Day!

Podcast No.404

The Chaos Chronicles: The saga of the driver’s permit. Plus: Animal-Mom Role Models; and why watching the Oscars with straight men is unsatisfying.

Podcast No.403

Lian Does Everything in one day that she hasn’t done for months! Plus, what would you do with a billion dollars? One man’s investment inspires Lian. And, My To Do List. Sob, Sob… the end of Friday Night Lights.

Podcast No.402

The Chaos Chronicles: Over-Committors Anonymous. Plus: More on Tiger Mom; Disney Princesses and Stressed College Kids; and What’s in your Mom Cave?

Podcast No.401

The Chaos Chronicles: Family Game Night Gone Wrong! Plus, YES of course we will talk about the controversial Tiger Mom! And some words of inspiration for entrepreneurs ! And, the To Do List and info about the Manic Mommies Book Club.