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Podcast No.27


Yeah! the first day of school! News Round-up: Diane Sawyer, Multi-tasking and Jaycee Duggard; Plus, what books should kids read in school.

Podcast No.26

Lian’s Vacation Confession; Your great advice for New High school Parents, What lab rats can teach us about stress; My To Do List

Podcast No.25

Lian takes Mom and Dad to the DMV while the kids run amok; How far would you go to save your marriage; Julie and Julia and why I can’t wait for my neighbors to move

Special Chaos Chronicles with Liz Dolan!

Liz visits the Chaos Chronicles and fills us in on her new job as TV executive! How has going back into Corporate America been a change for her, for Ferris, and for her nap schedule. Plus, an update on the other Sisters.

Podcast No.24

Why working mothers love business trips; Lesson from the BlogHer Conference; The motherhood connection and Lian’s To Do List

Podcast No.23

Vacation in Uptightville; Chaotic sports round-up; What to do about the summer camp blues and boys in the women’s locker room; and my To Do List

Podcast No.22

Michael Jackson, Gov. Tango and where have all the good men gone? Plus the importance of the camp care package and Fourth of July Plans.

Podcast No.21

Sheila is back! And she’s naked! Also, how to answer awkward procreation questions and can the hamburger hold the American family together?. Plus, an Operation Upper Arms update.

Podcast No.20

Lian embraces the Neti Pot! Are you Pro-Cupcake or Anti-Cupcake? How famous Am I? Not Very; and Special Father’s Day wishes.

Podcast No.19

Lian shares her Post-Grad thoughts. News Round-up: School bullies, sexless marriages, and Wikipedia madness! The Worst date Night Ever! Plus, an open letter to Will Ferrell.

Special Edition Podcast Mom-In-Chief: The Closet Interview

Jamie Woolf , author of Mom-in-Chief and Lian’s Satellite Sister-in-law joins Lian in the closet to talk about how your leadership skills at work can translate into great parenting at home. Listen Now!

Podcast No.18

Lian ends her reign as Room Mother. How did the year go? The controversial cell phone policy and more advice from the blog. And why the To Do list includes monitoring the New York Times

Podcast No.17

Chaos Chronicles Summer Concert Series in the Closet: Green Day! Plus: are you raising “Crispy Kids?” What’s your Recession Addiction? And What’s Happening with the Chaos Crew.

Podcast No.16

Mother’s Day tears; Backstabbing women in the office; 8th grade graduation plans and “Heritage Day” dilemma.

Podcast No.15

A week of hot dogs and big moves! Swine flu precautions! And, help me write my next article for Father’s Day!

Podcast No.14

Disco Week! The drama of the Medical Emergency! Hot Dogs for 400! and The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done to my Husband!

Podcast No.13

Vacation Emergency! Lian’s take on OctoMom, the First Dog and Jon and Kate plus 8! And why do I feel 17 again! (lots of exclamation points!)

Podcast No.12

Sheila visits the Chaos Chronicles with her new job, her new bob and her new man.

Podcast No.11

It’s Terence Trent D’arby Day – a happy end to a chaotic week! Cotillion report: gloves, napkins, cookies, punch; Obesity in kids and the proximity of fast food joints to their schools; A Grammar error I will never make again; My birthday manifesto.

Podcast No.10

Why Natasha Richardson’s death hit me so hard; Thanks for your great advice — a follow up from last week; and ridiculous stories to take your mind off AIG!

Podcast No.9

The mysterious case of the missing High School admittance letter, the anxiety of worst case scenarios, and getting some perspective before college and girlfriends. Springing forward isn’t as easy as it used to be. Old school tunes. In the news.

Podcast No.8

History lessons for Lian! Parenting Magazine says we are really, really Mad at Dad! What Lian and Sheila like to share via e-mail.

Podcast No.7

The Oscars! The Gracies! The oddest disciplinary action I’ve ever heard. Plus, why recess is important and my To Do list.

Podcast No.6

Lian’s Valentines Night Negotiations; College Kids and entitlement — is it the parents’ fault?

My birthday To Do List

Podcast No.5

Lian gets Credit Card redemption. Is it possible to work at home, make money and feel no guilt? Lian offers her advice on that and balancing kids and technology. Plus, what are your Valentine’s Day plans? And Lian tries out one of the new sign-offs!

Podcast No. 4

Meltdowns on the home front: Academic and Refrigeration! What’s up with Michael Phelps and the Mom with 8 babies? My sister-in-law’s book is out: Mom-in-Chief! Finally, help me write my new sign-off!

Podcast No.3

Lian Gets a NEW Office Chair at a Fabulous price! Lian offers up her opinion on Sleepovers, potlucks and talking to teens about sex; and Bad Coaches in the news

Podcast No. 2

Podcast No.1