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Podcast No.315


The Chaos Chronicles: Did Lian survive the Chaotic Weekend? Plus: planning your own Year of Let’er Rip? Lian shares her story and tips for jump-starting your life. And, a big Chaos Crew thank you.

Podcast No.314

The Chaos Chronicles: There’s no food in the fridge? Does that mean the book tour is over? Plus, solicited advice about too many gifts and unsolicited advice to Miley. The Working Mothers list of Most Powerful Moms in 2010 and My “What Are You? Crazy?” To Do List.

Podcast No.313

Book Tour Confidential! What happened in Portland and Seattle, plus more Twin Cities. Behind the scenes with Monica; and the Top Five Names on the book tour so far.

Podcast No.312

The Chaos Chronicles: behind the scenes on the book tour. Plus, HUGE news about the Chaos Chronicles. And What’s on my To Do List? A Honey-baked ham, if course!

Podcast No.311

Can Lian survive her Helen of Pasadena/Soccer/Oliver marathon weekend? Plus, one mom’s theory on why we push our kids and food myths busted LIVE on the air. And, this week’s NOT To Do List!

Podcast No.310

The Chaos Chronicles: Supply Chain Breach! Plus, what the experts say about Teen Cutting. And, are you part of The Great Unwashed? Me, too!

Podcast No.309

The Chaos Chronicles: Behind the scenes at the Helen of Pasadena Publication Party; Meet two new J.Jill winners; Advice for working women from the Supreme Court Justices; and Lian’s Halloween To Do List!

Podcast No.308

The Chaos Chronicles: Lian stops by Sheila’s classroom to deliver Dizzy the Mutt with the Propeller Butt. Meet our two new J.Jill winners! Plus, Working Mother Magazine’s White Paper on Moms in the WorkForce; and Relive the Amazon pre-sale day with Lian!

Podcast No.307

TRULY The Chaos Chronicles: Here comes Helen and there goes Lian’s brain! Plus:, The Chilean Miners and the fabulous J.Jill winners on What Works for Me. And the To Do List is all Amazon Pre Order Madness.

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Podcast No.306

The Chaos Chronicles: Lian Dances with the Star Brooke Burke; The winners of the What Works for Me Contest Week #1; Some Bad Ideas and one Not-So-Bad Idea; The To Do List: Taping the Book Trailer Video

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Podcast No.305

The Chaos Chronicles: Back to the Dentist! Plus: beverage news, your letters from the Chaos Chronicles Mailbox, Sheila’s Birthday plans and the To Do List.

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Podcast No.304

The Chaos Chronicles: A Dental Odyssey; Bad Parenting Moments Caught on Tape! The Horror of the Boys Locker Room; The Bear vs. the Zucchini and the To Do List.

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Podcast No.303

The Chaos Chronicles: Going to Fro-yo with my Mom.  Plus, a News Round-up from Dogs to Clowns; advice on how to talk to your teen daughter about weight; and My To Do List (can you say “root canal?”)

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Podcast No.302

The Chaos Chronicles: Lian confesses to Extreme InEfficiency.  Plus, educational myths busted big time; The Most Powerful Moms in Education; and advice for a sticky family situation.

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Podcast No.301

The Chaos Chronicles: a Fresh Start in September for work, health and family! Plus, Divorce Court is in Session: The Woods Divorce vs. The McCourt Divorce; a Safe Driving Plea and Lian’s To Do List.

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